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Hi, everyone Im writing form the Burned Over Region, as the only evangelical on the Forum. What I mean by this is I am interested in promoting the forum and good writing about the assassination to a wider-- and especially younger audience-- so that the forum does not become isolated on the web, and so that books like Legacy of Ashes-- currently #15 on best seller, after being in the top fifty for more than two weeks in a row, (thats hundreds of thousands of copies?)-- do not end up winning the psyop battles. As I mentioned before, Legacy is far more dangerous than Bug's book because people will actually read it, and it is so anti-Kennedy that it would make S. Hersh blush.


When Legacy came out, I wrote a review on Amazon, using a NEW FEATURE that could click to other books sold by Amazon. By putting Larry Hancock's book and also David Talbot's I watched as their books moved up the sales list.

A SCEPTIC MIGHT SAY " well you cant really go by amazon sales numbers, as they are constantly roller coasting, and besides a sale of 3 books in half an hour could be 60,000 ranks.

I have been monitoring sales of SWHT for about two weeks. TRUE, is sometimes goes back up to 80,000 but I have been struck by how often it has stayed in the 20,000 range over the last ten days. (I have been checking about five times a day, as a means of seeing if this idea will work for other books too)

GET THIS 1) When I added a second click on a HIGHLY TRAFFICKED left-liberal (an important area target in my view) site called Common Dreams,

plus a few other places , it went up higher ( again not just base on a small number of observations)

2) The highest Ashes has ever been is 15 (today) thanks to its unrelenting promotion-- it is getting to the level of Case Closed. So I clicked

SWHT and today it was up to 7,335!

Note that is only being referenced in 1 REVIEW --but it is tied to a VERY HIGH FLYING KITE ( ie a lot more people will see it because its tied

to a very popular book right now, that a lot of people will click on.

IMAGINE: Imagine what a couple of other references to SWHT could do if they are PLACED STRATEGICALLY in terms of heavily visited sites and/or

topically proximate sites! I think top 1,000 is absolutely doable! Perhaps higher.

How long did Larry work on his book? Yes It sold well but not well enough, in my opinion. This is obviously not because of the quality of the work but has a lot more to do with certain authors having a much higher propensity to appear on Charlie Rose than others! We have to do our part in making this great research available to NOT JUST A COURT but also THE REAL COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION. (I know many will say, that's already been won, but I think their are important degrees and gradations of conviction in this court, that can lead to either action or passsivity!) Perhaps the two courts are not unconnected-- witness the pressure from Stone's film leading to the documents releases of the 1990s.

I encourage all members and visitors who have read SWHT to post around! If you would like to you can post what you have done here so that we can get an overall sense of how this strategy works.

Many say this is a site for researchers. Great, but if the research never makes it out beyond a aging narrow circle then what was all the work for.....? Crtiics are praising Legacy of Ashes for its sources! Can you imagine having people compare these sources to the sources on Larry Hancock's site? Its the kind of comparision that just might cause cognitive dissonance, even in frozen minds of the loyal Times readers.

By the way, to avoid confusion for further research, I have never really had the nickname El Indio, and I am not in the CIA, because they have extremely protestant spelling tests. :drive

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