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Skull and Bones...the ultimate conspiracy

Jack White

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Yale University may, possibly, be withholding America's most dangerous secrets. The institution protects the interests of three "Orders," presenting Scroll and Key, Wolf's Head, and the notorious Skull and Bones as "Senior Fraternities," but former pledges of these "Tombs," particularly Skull and Bones, dominate American politics and prestigious corporations. The Constitution places the people over the government and states equally, everyone included. If they can investigate us, "we the people" need a closer analysis of future, US leaders, their dinner dates, and the companies who drop billions upon trillions into funding their schemes. Secrets between powerful organizations, namely, Skull and Bones and Scroll and Key (two prime suspects in enforcing the planet under a single government; the New World Order), deserve a mandatory investigation. Think history was an accidental phenomenon? Time to learn how to analyze an entire situation, outside of the group, for "the group" is the reason the entire race is destined to fall, but no worries; it is only the end of the world.

Does anyone realize the dangers of dormancy? Politics and media navigate society, affecting our way of thinking. Global instability skyrockets, the government raises taxes to fund their "War on Terrorism," and still, the body politic fusses without a fight. In this carelessness, our species dissolves. If the best excuses to not vote circumference either, "I really don't know about politics" (translation: "I don't care enough about anything, let alone politics."), or, "Why should I vote? What's the difference?" (translation: "I'm too lazy to do anything"), we already signed our fate. Civilization, truly, is doomed. The truth is, there may, really not, be a distinct identity between the elephant and ass; herein lies the beginning to a major problem. Erase philosophical variations of the Democrat and Republican parties, and one will find that separating the left from the right leads to a unified interest of totalitarianism. GPS devices are implanted in most automobiles, and now, imbedding tracking systems in children has raised discussion. Adults are next. Are we heading toward a Brave New World, or will the year 2084 resemble Orwell's 1984? American politics currently reflect characteristics of a global campaign to enforce totalitarian socialism as the New World Order, a predestined history written in New Haven, Connecticut, circa 1832 (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 9).

The Order of the Skull and Bones' alias is the "Brotherhood of Death" (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 1) but despite "popular belief," the quiescent society was not the first enigmatic consortium at Yale University; Phi Beta Kappa, established in 1780, was the taciturn predecessor of Skull and Bones (Schiff, par. 2-3). Harvard administration, in reaction to the closed-door policies of the garbo fraternity, assigned Unitarian Massachusetts chaplain and destined president of Harvard, as the liaison who would preach on the behalf of denouncing the presence of sodality as a part of collegiate curriculum. Everett's solicitation impacted Phi Beta Kappa, henceforth, propelling the defiant trend in the oaths of silence (Dong, par. 7-9). In an offended backlash to the transition, Yale's 1833 valedictorian, William Huntington Russell, in alliance with Alfonso Taft, father of president, William Howard Taft, and fourteen others, assembled the Order of the Skull of Bones, December 1832. Russell and Company, built in 1823, by William Huntington's cousin, Samuel, affixed the corporation's fortune in the US opium smuggling-trade with China. Samuel's prosperity of the family wealth would be the funding agency, overseeing the construction of the "Tomb" in 1856 (Millegan, par. 10, 20).



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Jack ... When the Democrats first took control of senate and congress after the mid term elections , I had hope that something would finally be done to stop this current corrupt and incompetent administration , by starting impeachment proceedings ... Karl Rove's "math" didn't work out this time ... and the election was not stolen like the provious two presidential elections were .

But as more time passes it has become evident that the Democrats ( the only one's with the power to stop this insanity ) don't have what it takes to get the job done ... Whether it be apathy , their own incompetence , or fear which prevents them from doing their jobs correctly , I don't know ... but whatever the reason is , it has become clear that neither Bush or Cheney are ever going to be impeached or tried , for their many crimes .

It is also clear that the neocons will continue down the path to eventual world dominance ... I have read that by next year all Amercans will have the mandatory reqirement of national ID cards ... and then after that , the micro chip tracking device will be forced on all of us .

The powers that be have been working on their NWO plan for the past sixty years .... and there will be no stopping them now .

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