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Although I most certainly have no intention of attempting to usurp John McAdams and his frequently superior work of "debunking", there are those item of which even John does not know and is not aware.

Under the assumption that you will be attending the next "running of the squirrels"/aka JFK Lancer meeting in Dallas, please share the following in hope that this little item may be ultimately put to rest.

The sling swivel on the Model 91/38 Carcano is completely reversible, in that in merely a couple of minutes, the swivel can be removed, turned around, and thus re-mounted onto the right hand side of the weapon.

Then, with the actual sling band portion slid down as far as it will go in the "keeper" on the bolt which holds the swivel in place, and the rifle rolled/rotated slightly forward, even from close up views it appears that the sling swivel mounts from the bottom of the rifle.

You have my full permission to utilize this photo, and the next time that someone brings up this subject matter, please feel free to jump up and yell "Bovine Feces".

Or as most of us old "snake-eaters" would yell: "BS".

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Thanks Tom, actually we hope to have a familiarization session on the rifle and perhaps even

an opportunity for some folks to handle it on a firing range. One of the Lancer forum members had

bee firing his Carcano's a lot recently...I will share this with him and ask him to make sure he\

covers that point.

-- Larry

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