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As I currently see the ad, it would have four parts:

(1) Yes, Virginia, there really was a conspiracy. (Well, perhaps the title is too corny.)

This would concentrate on (a) the absurdity of the SBT; (:lol: the fact that the bullet was planted if Tomlinson was correct (and the NAA wrong); © the paraffin test demonstrated that LHO did not fire a rifle on Nov 22, 1963; and (d) Rosselli's lawyer told Hundley that he (Rosselli) had been part of a conspiracy.

(2) Matters that Merit Investigation. (a) Witnesses that should be interviewed including Jenkins, Wheaton, Murgado, DeTorres, Odio, Prof Kurtz (re Hunter Leake); the incarcerated former associate of Trafficante who told two seperate informants that he was involved in the Rosselli murder;(B) documents that remain to be produced (including all of the Joannides documents); and © scientific tests that ought to be either validated or invalidated, to-wit the acoustic evidence and the NAA. We need to convince people that there are indeed new leads and we don't want just a rehash or re-examination of the WC and HSCA.

(3) Persons Endorsing A New Investigation. Hopefully prominent authors and former staff members of HSCA.

(4) What You Can Do To Solve the Case. A form to contact their MC. Also contribute funds for the push for Congress. Links to a Website.


Comments so far?

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I request comment on this proposed language for the ad:

The undersigned do not necessarily endorse, either individually or as a group, each of the statements made and opinions offered in this piece. Nevertheless, each believe that there is sufficient "new" evidence to warrant a new investigation of the assassination.

What would follow this language would be the names of authors, HSCA staff counsel, etc. who had agreed to join the call for a new investigation.

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