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And the Answers Are:

Tim Gratz

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Guest Stephen Turner

"There is not much question that both theCIA, and the FBI are somewhere behind this cover-up. I hate to think what it is they are covering up-or who they are covering for." Congressman Don Edwards, House committee hearings 1975. Edwards was a former FBI agent.

" I feel betrayed, the CIA lied to us, that we had an agency of Government here---We expected them to be truthful and co-operate with us, and they didn't do it." Burt Griffin, W/C council, now an Ohio Judge.

"We have not been told the truth about Oswald." Senator Richard Russell

Bloody conspiracy therorists.

Taken fron Anthony Summers "The Kennedy Conspiracy"

Robbyn Swam Summers talking to a former deputy chief of the CIAs Mexico city station.

Stanley Watson, "There are still some secrets about the assassination, I dont think we will ever know now, or at least not until after" Watsons voice trailed off, and then he added, "I was about to commit an indiscrestion."

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Oh Tim,

And just who knew that LHO was "working for the US"?

The question is criminally simple-minded.

Can you even tell us who/what the "US" is?

The intelligent question: Who knew that LHO would make the perfect patsy because of his involvement (to varying degrees) in such Top Secret operations as a false defector program, the manipulation of liberal religious and academic institutions for intelligence purposes, U2 radar control, RFK, FBI and/or CIA-run anti-Castro provocations, etc. etc. etc.?

See answer below.

Or was it something like this, perhaps offered at a Murchison cocktail party: "You know that guy Lee? Or is it Harvey? The one makin' it with my nephew? Well anyway, he claims he's a spy. Why don't we use him as the patsy?"

Answer: By definition, the self-correcting power structure self-corrected in Dealey Plaza.

Until Tim can offer informed definitions of "government" and "power structure" as the terms relate to reality (as opposed to civics texts), this entire conversation is pointless.

As for the cover-up: The answer to the question, "Was the cover-up conducted by the same people who ordered the killing of JFK, or by individuals who took no part in the assassination but who, for various, in some cases perhaps even noble reasons, saw fit to keep the truth from the American public?" is ...

Wait for it ...


Charles Drago

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