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Chuck Marler was well on his way to gaining insight and understanding as relates to the WC re-enactment of the assassination and aspects of the Z-film which have not been fully answered.

So Chuck!

Are you still out there?

There is some excellent work going on around the periphery of this forum, and you just may get a few of your questions answered.


P.S. Personally, I would avoid associations which tend to completely discredit the individual, as well as what is factual research and works.

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In event that "Specter & Company" were truly that good, then rest assured that I would have had considerably more difficulty in resolving exactly what they were up to.

As I would only consider myself as being "medium sneaky", "good" sneaky could have easily fooled me!...............

Specter & Company only marginally rate as "poor sneaky" amongst those of my persuasion/ former profession!

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