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I took the family to the Fringe and it seems an ideal holiday for people with grown up offspring anyway. Something for everyone.

I have put Fringe reviews on to my personal blog http://derekmcmillan.com/weblog but I just thought I would share Stewart Lee who was one of the funniest. Channel 4 viewers voted him “41st best stand-up ever”

His mother, however, thinks Tom O’Connor is a much better comedian as when she saw him on a cruise ship he went to a guy in the front row and asked him what he did for a living

“I’m in oil”

Back as quick as a whippet came Tom O’Connor: “Are you a sardine?”

He derided Channel 4, Big Brother, Russell Brand (boo!) and Carphone Warehouse for their pretended opposition to racism.

He went on to the issue of “political correctness gone mad” and quoted John Littlejohn’s objection to the police describing a murdered teenager as “a woman working as a prostitute” John Littlejohn insisted that she was not a woman but a prostitute. Stewart Lee had Littlejohn sneaking into the graveyard at dead of night to laboriously chisel on her gravestone….


“not a woman who worked as a prostitute”

“a prostitute”


“John Littlejohn”


“Not a man employed as a cunt.”

He also talked about the world before political correctness.

An Asian boy in his class at school was never called by name, but only ever as “black spot.”

People clubbed together to stop a black family moving into their street.

And the Conservative Party won the Smethwick by election on the slogan “if you want a n for a neighbour, vote Labour”

He has also supported "Get Up Stand Up" at the Three Tuns. This is a gig where stand up comedians and musicians who have shows at Edinburgh give a performance for free and the money charged on the door goes to campaign against nuclear weapons.

So an all-round good guy I thought.

Apologies for the language - I think Richard Littlejohn probably deserved it though.

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