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Another Explanation for the Cover-Up

Tim Gratz

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This thought just dawned on me after reading a post by Alan Kent in another thread.

If early on the "powers that be" suspected that some of the mafioso that the CIA had recruited to kill Castro had instead turned around and killed JFK, that in itself would be a pretty strong motivation for a cover-up, would it not?

It would also explain the quick shutting down of any investigation into the report that Jack Ruby had visited Trafficante while Trafficante was imprisoned in Cuba.

Someone posted here in some thread that the guilty parties would never have dared kill JFK unless they were sure (guaranteed) a "cover up". If the mafia leaders (Giancana, Rosselli and Trafficante) involved with the CIA efforts to kill Castro were the guilty parties, they had their "get out of jail free" card, didn't they? They knew the US would rather let the murderers of JFK go free than expose one of the dirtiest secrets in our history: that the CIA had plotted political murders.

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