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Remaining Confused!

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For those who wish to remain confused as well as chase their tail and the "tales" of others, I have moved this to search to this new topic.

Might I recommend that one at least take the time to review much of the works of John McAdams, as well as those other who have long ago "debunked" most of the BS associated with these claims.

Lastly, and some of you wonder exactly why it is that no one who truly thinks rationally, believes much of anything stated on the subject of the JFK assassination.

Herein lies much of the answer!

Can't buy it Tom.

Please provide your perspective:

The rush to the 'knoll' can be narrowed down to essentially two main clusters of individuals - the stairs and the top of the grass slope at the corner of the underpass.

Many witnesses [that are on record] claimed that the shots came from the knoll, the stockade, etc.

There was a puff of smoke seen by witnesses - plural.

There are the Parkland Doctors who maintain that there was a blow-out to the rear portion of the head, a bit larger than the size of a golf ball.

There was the witness who claimed to have seen a round strike the grass, who failed to retrieve the 'pellet.'

There was the HSCA account of the .45 clanging off the fender of one of the DPD motorcycle cops.

There is the account of the sign being struck by a bullet and removed shortly after the shooting.

There is more than one account of a round which struck Elm.

There is the striation in the concrete by the manholke cover.

There is the round which appears to be the nose of a .45 which was guarded and collected by the so-called mystery man close to the area of the concrete manhole.

There was the account of Jean Hill with respect to the concrete being struck by a round close to her feet.

There was the account by multiple witnesses of a first shot that sounded like a firecracker which is still unaccounted for.

There was the dent to the chrome.

There was the report of the hole in the floorpan.

There was the crack / through-and-through hole in the windshield.

There was the report of a .22 lodged behind Kennedy's ear.

There was the 30.06 shell recovered by Heminger.

There were the furrows in the grass opposite the stairs.

There was the strike to the curb on Main street.

There was the shell found on the rooftop - of the Records building I believe. We can dispense with this one.

There was the shot to the throat from the front.

There was the shot to the back from the rear.

There was the graze wound to the top right of Kennedy's head which then penetrated Connally's chest and shoulder.

There was the striation on the sidewalk on the south side of Elm.

There was the account of Ed Hoffman.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

From appearances, it appears more likely that a series of operations were going on independently - one engaged in a phony assassination effort - missing their target wildly, along with another focused on exterminating Kennedy and succeeding in their goal.

But any 'myth' of multiple shooters wouldn't have originated from a manipulation of a film supressed from public viewing, or the deliberate tainting of evidence in this respect by the dame.

- lee


In event you wish to attempt to resolve the issues of the shots fired with rumor; hearsay; innuendo; half-truths; unsupported allegations posing as facts; and plain old everyday failure to study and comprehend the pathological; phyiscal; forensic; and ballistic evidence, then it is hoped that you live long and prosper for another 100 years.

As 100 years from now, you will still be just as lost in this morass as you would appear to be now.


Biography: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=4085

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