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Paul Hellmuth, Agent for CIA Funds

Tim Gratz

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New York Times, August 7, 1986:

Paul F. Hellmuth, former managing partner of Hale & Dorr, a Boston law firm, died Sunday, apparently of a heart attack, at his home in Cambridge, Mass.

He was 68 years old.

Mr. Hellmuth joined Hale & Dorr in 1947, became a managing partner in 1955 and retired in 1967. He was also a director of several corporations, including W. R. Grace & Company.

Mr. Hellmuth was born in Springfield, Ohio, and was graduated from the University of Notre Dame and Harvard Law School.

It is of course not without significance, I suspect, that Hellmuth "retired" from Hale & Dorr the same year that the Harvard Crimson published an article stating that Hellmuth served as the conduit for funneling CIA "subsidies" to the CIA of as much as $80,000 per year. At the time Hellmuth was the Secretary of the Harvard Law School Alumni Association. (The article was published on Feb 25, 1967.)

By the way, according to the article in the "Harvard Crimson", the president of the Harvard Law School Alumni Association was Robert Amory, a past deputy director of the CIA.

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Who was Robert Amory Jr.?


Late City Final Edition, Section A, Page 19, Column 4, 302 words

DISPLAYING ABSTRACT - LEAD: Robert Amory Jr., Deputy Director of Central Intelligence from 1952 to 1962 and later head of the international division of the Bureau of the Budget, died of colon cancer Wednesday at the Georgetown University Hospital in Washington. He was 74 years old and lived in Washington. Robert Amory ...

To read this archive article, upgrade to TimesSelect or purchase as a single article.

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Following John's lead, here is "Namebase" on Mr. AMORY:

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Richard M. Hunt, who was the assistant dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was the guy who received the funds from the J. Frederick Brown Association. Hellmuth was their conduit to the CIA.

Hunt's organization also listed amongst it trustees the son of Henry Cabot Lodge, George C. Lodge.



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Interestingly, Robert Amory was in Law School at Harvard while JFK was an undergraduate and they knew each other.

He gave an "Oral History" to the JFK Library. I have not yet read it all but from a quick review it certainly looks interesting. It is in PDF form.

Here is what you get if you search the JFK Library site for Robert Amory Oral History:

Search Details

Query: Robert Amory Oral History

Results 1 - 8 of about 8. Sort by: Date / Relevance

Robert Amory, Jr., 1915-1989 - John F. Kennedy Presidential ...

... Amory, Jr. Oral History Interview- JFK#2, 2/17/1966 Robert Amory Jr. Oral History

Interview- JFK#1, 2/9/1966 Robert Amory, Jr. Oral History Interview- JFK#2, 2 ...

- 37k - 2007-04-04

[PDF]Second Oral History Interview

... Second Oral History Interview With ROBERT AMORY, JR. February 17, 1966 Washington,

DC By Joseph E. O'Connor For the John F. Kennedy Library AMORY: It is true ...

- 2007-08-20


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Interesting info, James. I am going to try to read the Amory oral history in the next hour or two.

I cannot remember the details now but if I recall the revelation of the CIA funding of the NSA essentially crippled the NSA (at least for a while).

Please note though that the CIA was funding liberal and left-leaning organizations. John has previously pointed out that this would be a good strategy on the part of the CIA.

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  • 4 years later...
Guest Tom Scully

(Begging your pardons, Greg, Tommy....)

From the Leverett Saltonstall thread.:


....All of Beverly Pullman's and Albert Carter's ushers named below, except Thomas Devine, but including Alexander Aldrich, who had transferred from M.I.T., were members of the Harvard class of 1950, and most were members of the Crew team. Devine partner John Train was also Harvard, '50, as was the Rockefeller financed, former intelligence officer, Henry Kissinger, who studied under Arthur Norman Holcombe, who JFK also studied under. Arthur Holcombe and the CIA's Paul Linebarger were advisers to Chiang Kai-shek.

The obituaries of both Albert B. Carter, Jr. and of Andre Rheault state that they were CIA, and we know Thomas Devine was. Edwin Curtis "Buff" Bohlen was accused of being CIA and later worked for John Train's cousin, Russell. Another usher named below, Charles Hubbard, is Charles J. Hubbard, step-son of John McCloy's best man in 1930, Henry Brunie, Jack Crichton's boss at the Empire Trust. Newspaper misprint- Should be Beverly Pullman, not "Barbara":


Diplomats' Kin Usher at Barbara Pullman's Wedding Today

- Chicago Tribune - Oct 1, 1955

... broth ers of the bride Thomas Devine of Midland Tex Andre Rheault and Henry Cabot of Bos ton and Charles Hubbard. Palmer Dixon of New York City will be best man....


Cloak of green‎ - Page 336

by Elaine Dewar - Political Science - 1995 - 497 pages

From 1981 until 1990, for example, WWF US had on its staff one EU Curtis Bohlen.

Bonner said that many years earlier Bohlen had been listed as an employee ...

....and excerpted from Raymond Bonner's - 1993 book, "The Hand of Man":




(starting from page 115....)

(page 124)

...It was also needed in order to get WWF-US and then the International to endorse a ban. And E. U. Curtis Bohlen, whom just about everybody calls "Buff," was behind it all, playing a role for which he was well suited. Bohlen was born to a family in which commitment to public service was ingrained....After graduating from Harvard and

fulfilling his military obligation in the army during the Korean War,

"Buff" Bohlen also went to work for the State Department. At least his

official biography says he worked for the State Department, from 1955

to 1969. But in fact he was working for the CIA, with the State Depart

ment as his cover; from 1955 to 1958 he was in Kabul, and after a time

back in Washington, he was sent to Cairo in 1960, where he remained

until 1963, according to the Biographic Register, the State Department's

annual publication listing its employees. (The department ceased making

the Register public in the mid-seventies, after journalists and others

discovered how easy it was to use it in order to determine who was

working for CIA.) What Bohlen did for the Agency between 1963 and

1969 is an even deeper, more highly classified secret, for his name

disappears from the Register after 1963; nor does it appear in the State

Department directories for those years, even though his public resume

says he remained at the department until 1969. Bohlen's conservation

career began in 1969, when Russell Train, the AWF founder who had

become Nixon's Under Secretary of the Interior, asked Bohlen to join

him. (Whether or not he had left the Agency is not known.) While at

Interior, Bohlen assisted in drafting the Convention on International

Trade in Endangered Species.

Bohlen joined WWF-US in 1981, as the director ofgovernment affairs,

a newly created position, which reflected the organization's transition

from one that did research and public education to one that thought it

was also necessary to lobby the government for environmental causes.

Some of the WWF staffobjected to Bohlen's being hired, because of his

CIA background. Many in the Third World have long been convinced

that WWF, both the International and the U.S. chapter, has links to the

CIA and Britain's MI-6.

It would be reasonable for the intelligence

agencies to try to use the conservation organization-after all, their

people get out into remote rural areas-and at least one WWF staff

officer was approached by the agency in the 1980s to provide regular

briefings. He declined. (In the major books about the Agency, nothing

has surfaced linking it to WWF, nor in my own research did I find any

connections other than the overture just noted.)

Bohlen was hired at WWF by Russell Train, who was its preSident.

The men were friends and "class" mates, good Republicans who had their

vacation homes on Maryland's Eastern Shore (along with other wealthy

and powerful folks from Washington, D.C.). At WWF, Bohlen operated

as the consummate inside politician; his door was closed most ofthe time,

and colleagues say he did everything by phone, careful to put almost

nothing in writing. He was a somewhat mysterious figure around WWF,

where colleagues would jokingly ask, "Has anyone seen Buff?" or

"Where's Buff?" He was a diplomat of sorts, steeped in intrigue, but he

knew virtually nothing about animals and less about Africa. "He's like

most of our members, I suppose," a WWF-US conservation officer ob

served ruefully. ...

From the Irving Davidson thread. - Link to last post in thread, just to take you there.

Many posts in that thread are interesting.:


From the Paines thread.

I'm surprised that no one seems interested in how far back the ancestors of Michael Paine go and how firmly entrenched they are in the power structure. I dealt with that in some articles on my website.




Ralph and Elise Cabot Forbes' daughter was Ruth Forbes, who first married the son of a minister, George Lyman Paine, and had one son named Michael Paine. Ruth's brother, William Cameron Forbes, was an American business executive and diplomat, born in Milton, Mass. in 1870, but spent much of his career in the Far East. He entered the mercantile house of his grandfather, John Murray Forbes, in Boston, becoming a partner there, after the end of Teddy Roosevelt's "splendid little war," in 1899.

Teddy appointed him in 1904 to the Philippine Commission, and he held several administrative posts in the islands before he served (1909-13) as governor-general and as a member of the Wood-Forbes Mission sent in 1921 by President Harding to the Philippines. Chairman in 1930 of a commission to study conditions in Haiti, he then went as ambassador to Japan during the Manchurian crisis, and in 1935 led an economic mission to East Asia.

Concurrently with these events, in 1902 Clarence Barron, representing Boston's powerful State Street, purchased Dow Jones & Company for $130,000. At the time of the purchase, Barron was publishing business bulletins in Boston and Philadelphia, which were merged into Dow Jones & Co. In 1907, the step-daughter of Clarence Barron, Jane Waldron Barron, married Hugh Bancroft, son of General William A. Bancroft (Harvard 1878), who was first elected mayor of Cambridge, Mass. in 1893 and reelected three times. He was chairman of the Brahmin-owned Boston Elevated Railway, and was a member of the Board of Overseers of Harvard University from 1893 to 1903. Hugh Bancroft also attended Harvard, where he was admitted to the elite Hasty Pudding Club. In 1912, Bancroft was made treasurer of Dow Jones, the holding company of the Journal. He became president in 1928, upon Clarence Barron's death. By that time, Bancroft and his family controlled the majority of Dow Jones & Company's shares. The Bancroft descendants have continued among the most significant shareholders of Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal.


Michael Paine, sixth in descent from Robert Treat Paine, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was also a great-great-grandson of Ralph Waldo Emerson. His mother's grandfather William Hathaway Forbes, was the first president of the American Bell Telephone Company after the company consolidated a number of local telephone networks. His son, Ralph Emerson Forbes, left an estate of $2.5 million in 1937, in which Ruth had a share. Ralph's brother, Ruth's "Uncle Cam," (Harvard 1892), had started his career as a clerk with Jackson & Curtis, before moving to work as a partner in John Murray Forbes & Co. He was elected a director of AT&T, United Fruit, and Stone & Webster, Inc. in order to look after the family's large holdings in those companies. He was also appointed to the Philippine Commission and as vice governor of the Islands until 1913. After that he was a receiver of a Brazilian railway, and a presidential appointee to "study conditions" in the Philippines and in Haiti. He served as an Overseer of Harvard during 1914-20, then became a life member of MIT Corporation. From 1930-32 he was Ambassador to Japan. [Who's Who in America, 1954-55].

Michael Paine was descended from the Cabots on both his father's and his mother's side; he was thus a second cousin once removed of Thomas Dudley Cabot and a cousin of Alexander Cochrane Forbes, who married a daughter of Warren Delano Robbins (FDR's cousin) and served as a director of United Fruit and trustee of Cabot, Cabot and Forbes.

Paul F.Hellmuth (among the first Catholic laymen to serve on the board of Notre Dame), and a vice-president of Cabot, Cabot and Forbes was a trustee of the J. Frederick Brown Foundation, a CIA "conduit", along with G.C. Cabot. Thus the Paine family [had] links with the blue-blood intelligence circles of the OSS and CIA, In the summer of 1963 it was Ruth (Michael's wife), rather than Michael Paine, who maintained close relations with the patrician Paine and Forbes families, traveling east in July to stay with her mother-in-law at the traditional Forbes clan retreat of Naushon Island near Wood's Hole, Massachusetts (CE 416, 17 H 119). [source: Peter Dale Scott, The Dallas Conspiracy, ch. IV, pp. 2-4, as quoted in websites linked above]. Hellmuth's name would appear in 1974 in Jack Anderson's column as the law partner of Richard Nixon's impeachment attorney, allegedly involved in an industrial security company that was "wholly owned" by the CIA and used to shred documents to maintain secrecy.


Mary Bancroft's first husband, Sherwin Badger, was a Harvard graduate whose first job had been in the head office of United Fruit in Cuba. After a year in Cuba he became a journalist in Boston, later moving to the Wall Street Journal and Barron's in New York, both of which were published by Mary's step-grandfather, Clarence Walker Barron. Mary also had a long friendship with the Trotsky follower, architect George Lyman Paine, and his wife Ruth Forbes Paine, whose son Michael Paine and his wife Ruth befriended Marina Oswald the year prior to John Kennedy's assassination.

Michael Paine's uncle, Eric Schroeder, was a friend and investment associate of geologist Everette DeGolyer, a long-time Dresser Industries director, who served on the Dresser board with Prescott Bush. Schroeder was a cousin of Alexander "Sandy" Forbes, former director of United Fruit who "belonged to the elite Tryall Golf Club retreat in Jamaica with ... Paul Raigorodsky." [source: Richard Bartholomew, "Possible Discovery," p. 38. See also Mary Bancroft, Autobiography of a Spy (New York: William Morrow, 1983).



In the acknowledgment of her book, Ms. Emerson states: “Pictures, information and every sort of help have been given by … certain members of the family now living on Naushon, Ralph E. Forbes, W. Cameron Forbes, and Edward W. Forbes.” [19] The father of the three men mentioned was William Hathaway Forbes—married in 1865 to Edith, daughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson—who was the first president of American Telephone and Telegraph Co., having organized the corporation for Alexander Graham Bell in 1879. He had been a partner from 1865 until 1897 of J. Murray Forbes & Co. We met W. Cameron Forbes in the Forbes Clan. He was the uncle who had offered to bring John Kerry’s mother, Rosemary, to keep house for him not long before she married Kerry’s father. John Kerry has a brother named for this favorite uncle.

Friends of Lee Harvey Oswald

Ruth Forbes (1903-98), a daughter of William Hathaway and Edith (Emerson) Forbes, married George Lyman Paine (Harvard class of 1922), an "enthusiastic Marxist and Trotskyite," and gave birth in 1928 to Michael Paine. She and Paine divorced in 1934; she married a man named Giles W. Thomas, before marrying her last husband, Arthur M. Young—inventor of the Bell helicopter. [20] Michael Paine testified as to his family background during the Warren Commission hearings. Michael’s testimony resulted from the fact that he and his wife had become very good friends with Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife Marina in the six months or so before the Kennedy assassination. The friendship with the Oswalds occurred while Michael was employed in Fort Worth at Bell Helicopter—a company which eventually made a fortune manufacturing helicopters, a design patented by his stepfather, for the war in Vietnam. In Ruth Paine’s testimony she recounted her visit to her in-laws’ summer home on Naushon Island. Michael also testified that his grandfather paid his family’s way to Naushon each year, but it is not clear whether this was a time the entire extended family came together or whether only parts of the family assembled at different times. It is clear from their testimony, however, that Ruth discussed Marina and Lee Oswald with her mother-in-law at that time, and that immediately upon her return in September of 1963 she invited Marina and the children to move into her house.

Much of the questioning of Ruth Paine before the Warren Commission came from Allen Dulles, the man whom John F. Kennedy had fired as Director of the C.I.A. Dulles never revealed at the time that he had known Ruth Forbes Paine Young and her family personally before questioning her daughter-in-law. Nor did he feel inclined to mention the fact that Michael Paine’s grandmother’s family (the Cabots) were huge stockholders in United Fruit Company; nor that both sides of the family—Cabot and Forbes—had owned land in Cuba that had been expropriated by Fidel Castro. [21] Above all, Dulles failed to mention that he and his brother, President Eisenhower’s Secretary of State during the coup era, had previously been attorneys for the United Fruit Company.


February 25, 1967 NSA's 15 - Year Lie Was Finally Too Much

(Second of Two Articles)

By Joel R. Kramer,

....This CIA front is headed by Paul Hellmuth, treasurer of the Harvard Law School Alumni Association. Hellmuth is not the only Harvard name to be uncovered in the last week's sleuthing. The president of the Law School Alumni Association is Robert Amory, a past denuty director of the CIA. Of the last four NSA presidents, two are now in the Law School and another one graduated last year.


Hellmuth Named CC & F Trustee

Pay-Per-View -

Boston Globe - Aug 5, 1962

Gerald W. Blakeley Jr., trustee and president of Cabot, Cabot & Forbes Co., has announced that Paul F. Hellmuth, managing partner of the law firm of Hale ...

Boys' Clubs Overseers Reelect Paul Hellmuth

Pay-Per-View -

Boston Globe - Apr 29, 1964

Paul F. Hellmuth, Treas. David B. Stone. -their 70th annual meeting, -Tuesday afternoon to elect Pjfficers and display the results of a resolution on the ...

Web of CIA Subsidies Linked to Foundations

Los Angeles Times - Feb 18, 1967

Thev are the J. Frede- rick Brown Foundation and the Independence Foundation, both of which list Paul F. Hellmuth as trustee, and the Sidney and Esther Rabb ...


WR Grace Fills 2 Board Seats

New York Times - Dec 2, 1966

Lawrence J. McKay Paul F. Hellmuth The election of Lawrence J. McKay and Paul F. Hellmuth to the board o! WR Grace Co., was announced hare yesterday.


Ramparts March, 1967

....THE CIA-SUSPECT Funds mentioned in the Patman investigation are a key to understanding part of NSA's finances. Conveniently, they are spread all over the country (Borden in Philadelphia, Price in New York, Beacon in Boston, Kentfield in Dallas and Edsel, whose last known address was in San Francisco).

When a Ramparts reporter checked out the addresses officially listed by the foundations, he usually found himself in a law office where no one was willing to talk about the Funds.

Two foundations that have supported the international programs of NSA—the J. Frederick Brown Foundation and the Independence Foundation—have received regular contributions from four of these CIA-linked Funds:

Price, Borden, Kentfield, and Edsel.

Both the J. Frederick Brown and the Independence Foundations list the same

address, 60 State Street, Boston, which is also the address of the prestigious law firm of Hale and Dorr. Paul F. Hellmuth, a well-known Boston attorney and a member of

Hale and Dorr, and David B. Stone, a Boston businessman and philanthropist, are the trustees of the Independence Foundation. Hellmuth alone is the trustee of

the J. Frederick Brown Foundation. Of the two, J. Frederick Brown is less important as a

source of NSA funds. It made only $3300 in contributions to NSA, in 1963. It also made contributions to the American Friends of the Middle East, among other organizations

with overseas interests. In an article in the May 9, 1966 issue of The Nation, Robert G. Sherrill implied that the American Friends had CIA ties. No official of the organization denied the allegations.

As far as NSA is concerned, the Independence Foundation is the more important of Mr. Hellmuth's two interests. Independence got its tax-exempt status in 1960. Since

then, most of its funds have come from other trusts and foundations. In 1962, for example, the Independence Foundation received a total of $247,000, of which only

$18,500 came from individuals or corporations; all the rest came from other foundations. Of the total, the four Funds cited in the Patman investigation gave $100,000.

Between 1962 and 1965, NSA received $256,483.33 in grants for its international programs from Independence. Much of that sum went to pay for NSA's International Student Relations Seminars, yearly extravaganzas which served as effective training grounds for future NSA international leaders.

NSA is still coasting on Independence's largesse. The building which houses NSA's present headquarters is occupied under a 15-year rent-free agreement with the Independence Foundation. Originally, NSA purchased the building with a down payment and a yearly mortgage payment to be secured from Independence. But Independence suddenly changed its mind and bought the property back from NSA. Deeds on file with the clerk of the District of Columbia reveal that NSA sold the property on October 20th, 1965, to the First National Bank, but that the bank was acting as a "trustee under an undisclosed

trust." The undisclosed party is Paul Hellmuth, who secured the property, and leased it to the Independ-


ence Foundation which turned it over to NSA for the 15-year free rent agreement.

Shortly after NSA moved into its new, plush Washington offices in the fall of 1965, a reporter from the Washington Post, who was doing a feature article on NSA, asked NSA

President Phil Sherburne who was paying the rent on the building. Sherburne refused to divulge this information. This secrecy in protecting the names of NSA's benefactors

was not unusual. In fact, NSA has never made a full financial accounting to its own Congresses.

THE INDEPENDENCE FOUNDATION h a S SerVcd N S A ' s overseas operations in other indirect ways. It has provided a number of scholarships for former NSA officers, usually in the neighborhood of $3000 per year. The purpose of these scholarships was to enable former NSA officers to function as overseas representatives where they were free to make contacts

with foreign student unions and roam as free operatives for NSA, sending back periodic reports. Ostensibly, the overseas representatives were supposed to be in overseas

universities, but this was entirely pro forma. Independence has not restricted its largesse exclusively to NSA. In the period between 1961 and 1965 it spent

$180,000 in financing an interesting operation known as the Independent Research Service (IRS). This was the organization that made life so miserable for the organizers of

the communist-leaning world youth festivals in Vienna in 1959, and in Helsinki in 1962. The Independent Research Service actively recruited a delegation of hundreds of

young Americans to attend the festivals in order to actively oppose the communists. The travel expenses of all the delegates were fully paid for and the bill was footed

as well for a jazz group, an exhibition of famous American painters and a daily newspaper printed in five languages, all of which accompanied the delegates.

Although the official position of the NSA Congress was not to participate in the youth festivals, important NSA officers and ex-officers were very active in the Independent

Research Service activities in Vienna and Helsinki. The director of the IRS during the Helsinki Youth Festival was Dennis Shaul, who was elected NSA president shortly

thereafter. Shaul has also been the recipient of one of the Independence Foundation's "scholarships" in 1964.

When questioned by a Ramparts reporter about some of the activities and sources of funds for his Independence Foundation, Mr. Hellmuth, a normally outgoing man, became guarded and curt. He refused to divulge the addresses or any other information about the money which had been donated to both of his foundations. However, he was quite voluble about his close friendship with the officers of NSA....

....As far back as anyone can remember, the mainstay of NSA's overseas operations has been the Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs of New York City, founded in

1952. In contrast to the likes of Independence and San Jacinto, FYSA has a for-real office, a full-time staff" and an eminently respectable board of directors.

In recent years, FYSA annually pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars per year into NSA's treasury. The figure for October 1965 to October 1966 was $292,753.60.

It provided a general administrative grant of up to $120,000 per year and funded projects such as NSA's magazine. The American Student, foreign student participation

at NSA Congresses, technical assistance projects; and its funds paid NSA's dues to the ISC. In addition, FYSA could be relied upon to pick up any operating deficit that NSA incurred during the year, and FYSA gives "scholarships" to ex-NSA officers for overseas study.

FYSA has also been the chief U.S. source for channeling money overseas to national unions of students favored by the NSA leadership. And FYSA has been practically

the only external source of support, except for the mysterious San Jacinto Foundation, of the programs of the ISC. Between 1962-1964, ISC records show that these two foundations provided over 90 per cent of ISC's program budget (most of it from FYSA)—a gargantuan total of $1,826,000 in grants completed or in progress. The ISC would be literally impotent as an international organization without the support of FYSA, having been unable to establish any sizable alternative sources of funding.

The executive secretary of FYSA is Harry Lunn, a tall, ruddy-faced, balding man in his middle thirties, himself a past president of NSA, who used to make applications for

vehemently denied the suggestion that his foundation might be channeling CIA money for NSA, although he would not release a financial statement to this magazine.

After his presidency of NSA (1954-55) had terminated, Lunn became a member of an ISC delegation to Southeast Asia. Then, following a short stint in the Army, he went

to the Department of Defense as a research analyst. From there he went on up the ladder to the political desk of the American embassy in Paris and then on up to the Agency

for International Development, where he worked on the Alliance for Progress. It was from this last position that Lunn came to FYSA in 1965. Lunn also took part in the

activities of the militantly anti-communist Independent Research Service at the Vienna Youth Festival in 1959, while he was attached to the Department of Defense.

Lunn's career is a case study in the intimate relationship between NSA, international student politics and the Cold War. It is living documentation of a slogan that used to

hang in NSA's old Philadelphia headquarters; "The student leader of today is the student leader of tomorrow."


....Sherburne's luncheon companion that eventful day was 23-year-old Michael Wood, NSA's director of development, or fund raising chief. Wood, too, had risen rapidly

in student politics. He left Pomona College during his senior year to become a civil rights worker in Watts, where one of his projects had caught the eye of an NSA officer....

(David B. Stone and Robert G. Stone, Jr. were brothers. Robert founded Stonetex in 1950.)

Stonetex Oil Corp. Company Profile - Located in Dallas, TX ...

http://www.corporationwiki.com/Texas/Dallas/stonetex-oil-corp/29448915.aspx › Texas › Dallas

Oct 27, 2011 – Active officers include Thomas J Devine, David S Crockett, Jacob F Brown, David B Stone and Hardwick Simmons. Stonetex Oil Corp. filed as a ....


Richmond Times-Dispatch

Published: February 08, 2011

....Mr. Bemiss was born in Richmond on Oct. 2, 1922 and was educated at St. Christopher's School and Woodberry Forest School. He attended the University of Virginia, leaving for Navy service during World War II, during which he was assigned to destroyers in the Atlantic.

In addition to his wife and son, Mr. Bemiss is survived by a daughter, Margaret Wickham "Madge" Bemiss and six grandchildren -- all of Richmond. Mr. Bemiss was predeceased by a sister, Cynthia, who died in the 1960s....


Newsweek: Volume 85, Issues 18-26

books.google.com Jean Strouse - 1975 - Snippet view

....Back in 1961, an Arlington, Va., lawyer named L. Lee Bean was contacted by a former classmate at the University of Virginia. The old chum had an intriguing proposition: would Bean help the US Government set up several companies to do special work in the interest of national security?

With the approval of his partners, Bean agreed. Next he was directed to a prominent Boston lawyer, Paul Hellmuth at the firm of Hale and Dorr, who provided the actual instructions on incorporation and operation.

In short order, Bean's firm was a mailing address for two newly minted concerns: Anderson Security Consultants and Zenith Technical Enterprises. Anderson provided security services for various other US firms (destroying classified documents, investigating employees) while Zenith, headquartered in a deserted blimp base on the campus of the University of Miami, conducted a variety of anti-Castro propaganda and paramilitary operations. What both companies had in common — besides Bean — was that they were wholly owned domestic subsidiaries of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Bean's case is just one example of how the CIA over the years built a multimillion-dollar commercial empire of diverse and deftly disguised "proprietary" companies — owned by the agency itself — to help carry out and cover up many of its most clandestine operations. In recent years, as embarrassing publicity about the proprietaries has spread and scientific intelligence techniques have become more effective, there has been a drastic cutback in the proprietary network; significandy, Newsweek has learned that the CIA's biggest single company, the Washington-based Pacific Corp., has trimmed 90 per cent of its staff since 1970. But given the CIA's power and proclivities, there is no reason why the network couldn't expand again if it seemed useful.

Rooted in secrecy: the clandestine element in Australian politics

books.google.com Joan Coxsedge, Ken Coldicutt, Gerry Harant - 1982 - 250 pages - Snippet view

Another, Anderson Security Consultants, before it went out of business in 1973, although ostensibly concerned with shredding documents for companies with government contracts, was also a funding conduit for CIA operations against Castro ...


The China diary of George H.W. Bush: the making of a global president - Page 311

books.google.com Jeffrey A. Engel - 2008

...Bemis, Lias and Devine had a meeting regarding my political future—very thoughtful of them.5

33. Gerry Bemis was a longtime correspondent of Bush's,...

(Robert G. Stone, Jr. married Godfrey A. Rockefeller's sister, Marion.)


Godfrey Anderson Rockefeller, Sr. (1924 – 22 January 2010) was the eldest son of Godfrey Stillman Rockefeller and Helen Rockefeller née Gratz.

Like his father Godfrey Stillman, Godfrey Anderson Rockefeller was born in New York City and grew up to attend Yale University, at the same time as family friend George H. W. Bush,[1] this after first attending Phillips Academy Andover. Joining the United States Marine Corp, he served in both World War II and the Korean War, achieving the rank of Major Aviator Pilot.[2]

Godfrey then spent twenty five years in the commercial helicopter industry, working for Bell Helicopters and being hired as Chief Pilot, with Peter Wright, Sr. recalling him once landing a 32 foot Bell 47 on a 40 foot wide tennis court "because he did not want to ruin the lawn!"[2] He was President and Chairman of the Helicopter Association of America, now known as the Helicopter Association International, in 1968, and also belonged to the American Helicopter Society, being a member since 1952 and belonging to its Gold Circle Club.[2]

He is best known, however, for his environmental interests and role in the World Wildlife Fund. Rockefeller "played an important role in the founding and creation" of the organization, which included "hiring the first staff and chief scientist",[3] and later served as its Executive Director from 1972 to 1978. From 1977 to 2006 he served on the Board of Directors and the National Council of the WWF.[3]...

...Rockefeller owned a home on Gibson Island in Maryland and was keenly interested in the preservation of the failing Chesapeake Bay.


MARGARET KUHN WED IN BEDFORD; Married in Parents' Home to...

- New York Times - Aug 5, 1956

Tiie bridegroom is a son of Mr., and Mrs. Godfrey S. Rockefeller of Greenwich, Conn. ... The couple will make their home in Dallas, Tex., where the bridegroom is with the helicop fer division of the Bell Aircraft Corporation. The New York Times Mr . and Mrs. Godfrey Rockefeller after their marriage yesterday.

Miss Marion Rockefeller Is Bride of Robert G. Stone Jr. of...

- Daily Boston Globe - May 30, 1948

... of Dedharn Alexander Watson Alfred Pettit and Heath Steele of Boston the bride s brothers Godfrey and Peter Rockefeller of Greenwich and Henry Sherrill.


For Founder Of Relief Group, A Willingness To Gamble Paid Off

August 11, 1991|By ANN MARSH; Courant Staff Writer

As a young man, Robert C. Macauley played piano in bars throughout Europe after World War II. He remembers going again and again to a casino in Cannes to gamble....

"I heard Peter Grace [a longtime associate of Macauley's] say one day that Bob is the most persuasive man in the world," said Jim Schaeffer, Macauley's personal assistant. "He is otherworldly that way. You just can't say no to him. I'd do anything Bob asked me to do without questioning."


...SMOM's work in Central America was pushed forward in l983 when J. Peter Grace contacted Robert Macauley, director of AmeriCares, to suggest joint involvement in the shipment and distribution of medical supplies in the region. (16)...

....J. Peter Grace has a long history of involvement in CIA-linked projects, such as the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD). In addition, he was involved with the CIA-backed Radio Free Liberty and Radio Free Europe projects in Europe, and Grace representative Francis D. Flanagan belonged to International Telephone and Telegraph's (IT&T) "Ad Hoc Committee on Chile" during the l973 overthrow of Salvador Allende in Chile. IT&T had CIA backing for its efforts against the Allende government. (14)

(In 1967, Robert Amory, ten year veteran Asst. DCI, headed the Harvard Law Alumni Assoc., of which William HG Fitzgerald was a member. Fitzgerald's former best man, Ernest L. Byfield, was closely associated with Irv Kupcinet and Patrick Hoy. Kupcinet's co-columnist was a lifelong friend of Jack Ruby.)


Deaths <br>FITZGERALD, WILLIAM HG - Paid...

‎nytimes.com - Jan 9, 2006

FITZGERALD--William HG Who served as Ambassador to Ireland under the first President ... He is the senior member of the Order of Malta in the United States


Muffie Stone Plans Bridal in May

New York Times - Dec 15, 1974

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stone Jr. of Greenwich, Conn., have announced the ... son of Mr. and Mrs. William HG FitzGerald of Washington, A May wedding in .

Fitzgerald's wedding usher, Oliver W. Hammonds was later a director of Jack Crichton's Arabian Shield Development Corp. Albert B. Carter, Jr., Devine, Bohlen (all 3 associated with CIA) friend, Charles Hubbard, was Crichton's Empire Trust boss, Henry Brunie's stepson. Nancy Bush's and Devine's best man, William B. Macomber, Jr., was investigating LHO in late 1960, and shared the same WWII commanding Lt. Col. as Byfield in the same, small top secret OSS infiltration project. Nancy's ushers, the twins David and John Lindsay, were brother's of Francis Plimpton's law partner, George Lindsay. Plimpton was a board member of "Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs of New York City," aka FYSA, described above in the Ramparts article, excerpt. Of course, John McCloy was very close to Henry Brunie, and to Plimpton's brother, Dr. Calvin H. Plimpton, who McCloy appointed as president of Amherst U.

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Guest Tom Scully

Quite a concentration of knowledge, action, power and influence. All the lawyers died relatively young,

save for Floyd Abrams. Chief Knight of Malta William HG Fitzgerald, his biggest Malta booster, J. Peter Grace, and America's greatest president, Ronnie Reagan all seemed like they would never succumb to old age.....

All the lawyers in the greatest shows of the 20th century seemed to come out of two firms, Hellmuth's Hale and Dorr, and Cahill's "Cahill, Gordon & Reindel."

WR Grace Fills 2 Board Seats

New York Times - Dec 2, 1966

Lawrence J. McKay Paul F. Hellmuth The election of Lawrence J. McKay and Paul F. Hellmuth to the board o! WR Grace Co., was announced hare yesterday.

Lawrence J. McKay, 62, Lawyer For The Times in Pentagon Case

‎New York Times - Sep 28, 1977



New York Times - Aug 27, 1977



‎New York Times - Jan 3, 1940

Mr. Murphy, accor ding to The Associated Press, telegraphed the District Attorney that United States Attorney John T. Cahill would be instructed to consent ...


JOHN T. CAHILL, 62, LAWYER, IS DEAD; He Prosecuted Browder...

New York Times - Nov 4, 1966

John Thomas Cahill, senior partner in the New York, Washington and Paris law firm of Cahill, Gordon, Reindel Ohl, died of cancer yesterday at the King Edward ...


New York Times - Mar 20, 1943

Correa three years ago. At the beginning, as an assistant to John T. Cahill, ... F. of L., were Bioff and Browne were tried and convicted of extorting ...

MATHIAS CORREA, LAWYER, 53, DIES; Ex-US Attorney for New...

New York Times - Dec 6, 1963

Mathias F. Correa, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 1941 to 1943, died yesterday of an internal hemorrhage from a massive ..


Mathias F. Correa was a pioneer in U.S. intelligence, lawyer and prosecutor (1910–1963). Served as Acting United States Attorney (March 1941-July 1941) and was appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (July 1941-June 10, 1943)(Manhattan).

He graduated Fordham University, A.B., 1931 and Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1934.[1] As an Assistant United States Attorney, he was a member of the trial team in the prosecution of former United States Circuit Judge Martin T. Manton.[2] During the Second World War, he worked in OSS counterintelligence in Italy.[3] Later, holding the rank of Major, he was a liaison between the U.S. Army and Secretary of the Navy Forrestal and was present for the raising of the flag at Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima.[4] After the War, he served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy; member, National Security Council Survey Committee.[5]

With Allen Dulles and William H. Jackson, he was appointed by President Truman to conduct a study of the newly-created CIA and co-authored a report to the National Security Council on the CIA and the National Organization for Intelligence.[6] He was a partner at the firm later known as Cahill Gordon & Reindel from 1946–1963 and argued before the Supreme Court as lead counsel for Colgate Palmolive in U. S. v. Procter & Gamble Co. [7]

Floyd Abrams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Abrams argued for The New York Times and Judith Miller in the CIA leak grand jury investigation. Abrams joined Cahill Gordon & Reindel in 1963, and became .....

At the risk of repeating myself, let me repeat myself: The "Pentagon Papers" leak was a CIA op.

If St. Ellsberg was one of your lifetime heroes, you may want to stop reading now, because what you will be reading is sheer heresy.

I'm posting this in the Watergate forum because without the "Pentagon Papers," there would have been no Watergate. If you're astute, you may be thinking right about now that if the "Pentagon Papers" was a CIA op, then so was Watergate.

Well-- Yes. (Of course the fact that E. Howard Hunt, James McCord, Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, Frank Sturgis, and Eugenio Martinez were all current or "former" CIA operatives, and that G. Gordon Liddy had "special clearances" from CIA at the time, might have given anyone who could fog a mirror a clue in that direction--but that's another thread.)

Back to St. Ellsberg and his heroic, selfless act for world peace: it's a complete fraud, and the CIA had already created the total plan for getting him off scott-free before he ever delivered the CIA-provided "secrets" to Neil Sheehan, his old buddy from 'Nam--who he had been hooked up with there by CIA's Robert Komer and Lucien Conein, both long-time CIA pals of E. Howard Hunt.

If there is a "strangest part" among the strangeness, it might be that it's all in the public record. It doesn't even require prying secrets out of the cold, clammy hands of America's favorite spooks. The perps have admitted to all of it. They just admitted it at so many different places in so many different time frames that nobody ever put all those stray pieces together until recently, and the picture the puzzle forms is ugly indeed.

Ellsberg's "psychiatrist," Lewis J. Fielding, had been staff psychiatrist at the Veteran's Administration way back in the late '40s and early '50s, just when the VA was feeding unfortunate veterans into the hungry tormenting maw of CIA's mind-control beast, Operation Bluebird (and its bastard children--ARTICHOKE, MK-ULTRA, etc.), to be used as guinea pigs under the loving eye of Richard Helms, Sidney Gottlieb and friends--where Hunt, Conein, and Komer sang along in three-part harmony.

There are lots of tiny details that make up the big picture, and I won't lay out every one of them here in this introductory message in this thread. They've actually already been laid out meticulously in a very thorough timeline I've read, which I'll provide a link to at the end of this message if anybody wants to visit it themselves. But there are several important pieces that are worth laying out.

One of them is that E. Howard Hunt and his wife Dorothy went to Miami and met with Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, and Felipe De Diego on Saturday, 17 April 1971, almost two months before the leak of the Pentagon Papers. So? So, these happen to be the exact same three CIA-connected Cubans who Hunt later uses to stage a "break-in" at the office of psychiatrist Lewis J. Fielding--purportedly as part of the "response" to the leak of the Pentagon Papers--the claimed purpose of which will be to get the psychiatric file of Daniel Ellsberg. (Stay tuned...)

The next piece to lay out is that well prior to the Labor Day weekend "break-in" of Fielding's office, the CIA supplied E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy with:

  • Phony IDs
  • CIA "disguises" that didn't disguise them at all
  • A CIA camera


So on 26 August 1971, Hunt and Liddy took these CIA-supplied items and flew out to Los Angeles and went to the Beverly Hills office of Lewis J. Fielding, purportedly to "case" the place for the upcoming break-in. And they put on their ill-fitting CIA wigs, and took photos of each other with the CIA-supplied camera standing in front of Fielding's identifiable office door.

As inconceivable as this is already, we aren't done yet--not by a long shot. Liddy and Hunt flew back to D.C. and were met at the airport by CIA's Stephen Greenwood, who took the film from the CIA-supplied camera, took it back to CIA headquarters, and had the photos developed there, giving a copy to Hunt, and keeping a copy in CIA files.

Okay: I know you think I'm pulling your leg, but I swear it's the precise truth, admitted by CIA, and it only gets better.

Just over a week later, on Friday, 3 September 1971 (Labor Day weekend) the purported "break-in" took place at the office of Lewis J. Fielding. The three Cubans Hunt had met with earlier (two months before the Pentagon Papers had even been leaked) did the dirty work.

It seems worth mentioning in passing the reason Liddy gave in his autobiography for getting the Cubans to do the break-in. I'm going to say it, but if you fall out of your chair laughing and hurt yourself, don't sue me; sue the CIA for reckless endangerment. But here it is: just after Liddy and Hunt had taken photos of each other at Fielding's office, Liddy says they got a go ahead for a break-in (from NSA's David Young--but that's another thread), but that Liddy and Hunt "weren't allowed to be anywhere near the place." Once you recover, we'll move along here...

The Cubans (all with CIA histories) made the "break-in" real subtle: they broke a window--even though Gonzalez was a locksmith. (This is another curious twist: in the anecdotal accounts of the Fielding break-in, none of the people involved ever mention that Gonzalez is a locksmith. Yet in their tales of the similar Watergate op just nine months later, it becomes the whole reason for Gonzalez being on "the team." Of course, if they had made an issue out of it in the tales of the Fielding "break-in," the broken window would look a little suspicious. I repent for bringing it up.)

In the much-later revelations of the "break-in," the CIA shills involved couldn't even get their stories straight. Liddy, Hunt, and the Cubans all claimed there was no Ellsberg file at all, but Fielding reported that there had been a fat Ellsberg file in the office when they broke in, that he found it lying open on the floor when he next came to the office, and that it was "evident" that someone had gone through the file. Who you gonna' believe? Does it matter? They were all in on the CIA op together. .....



Driscoll, Edgar J, Jr. Boston Globe [boston, Mass] 05 Aug 1986: 63.

Globe reporter William P Coughlin contributed to this obituary.

Paul F. Hellmuth of Cambridge, prominent Boston lawyer, civic leader, businessmen and a managing partner in the State Street law firm of Hale & Dorr for 25 years, died in his Memorial Drive apartment Sunday. He was 68.

Mr. Hellmuth reportedly was found dead after suffering an apparent heart attack.

Whenever an adept fund-raiser was needed by one of Boston's civic organizations, Mr. Hellmuth's name topped the list. He was particularly proud of his role in raising $15 million for the Children's Hospital Medical Center and $1.5 million for the Boys Club headquarters in Roxbury.

He also had been cochairman of a special fund-raising campaign at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in 1974 was president of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay. He was campaign chairman for its annual fund drive two years before that.

Mr. Hellmuth also had served as a trustee of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Law School Association, the Boys Clubs of Boston, Museum of Science, Boston Ballet,the Retina Foundation, the Children's Hospital Medical Center, Massachusetts Memorial Hospitals, the University of Notre Dame and the New England Aquarium, where he had been president. He was a fellow of Brandeis University.

A friend once said of the affable, low-keyed lawyer: "The only trouble with Paul is he never says no. He's done everything possible for Boston."

A colleague from the United Way campaigns said: "Paul never came on strong. He was not a high-pressure guy. He was always willing to lend a hand for a cause. In some ways he was an unusual person. Some say he should have been a priest."

Clare Cotton, head of the Boston Fenway Program which devotes itself to 14 member institutions and civic problems issues of the Fenway, yesterday in a telephone interview called him an "institution builder . . . a wonderful man." Mr. Hellmuth and Cotton cofounded of The Fenway organization.

John Hamilton, a managing partner at Hale and Dorr, yesterday noted Mr. Hellmuth's "very significant role in bringing Hale and Dorr from a smaller firm of the 1950s into a position of real prominence in the 1970s." After retiring in 1976, he kept his close relationship with the firm, Hamilton added.

To his many and varied interests, Mr. Hellmuth brought a keen, precise and informed judgement that proved invaluable. His business interests included serving as trustee of Cabot, Cabot, & Forbes and as president of its Land Trust; chairman of the board of American Energy Services Inc.; vice president of the L & H Corp.; a trustee of the Boston Five Cents Savings Bank; and, a director of the Nickel Plate Railroad, Besener Security Corp., United Screw and Bolt Corp., Robbins and Myers Inc., W.R. Grace and Co., Western Reserve Life Assurance Co., Maynard H. Murch Co., Computer Systems of America Inc., A- T-O Inc.,the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Roxbury Carpet Co. and the Eastern Slope Hotel Co.

He also had been associated with Faneuil Hall Associates, a private investment fund, and Pioneer Western Management Co., an insurance holding company. By astute investments, he is said to have amassed considerable wealth.

In 1974, syndicated columnist Jack Anderson reported that Mr. Hellmuth was until 1973 the president of Anderson Security Consultants Inc., a front company for the CIA that was involved in debugging offices and shredding sensitive documents for defense contractors. The company, based in Springfield, Va., disbanded in 1973.

He never denied the report and refused to discuss the matter. "It's an area I can't comment on," he said at the time. "I draw a blank."

Mr. Hellmuth was born in Springfield, Ohio. He was graduated from Notre Dame University in 1940. In 1941 he entered World War II as a private. When the war was over in 1945 he was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force and had been awarded the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal and France's Croix de Guerre.

After the war, he attended Harvard Law School, graduating in 1947. Shortly thereafter he joined the law firm of Hale & Dorr, where he became managing partner in 1955 and is credited with bringing New York law-office-style efficiency to Boston.

In addition to his Memorial Drive apartment, he had maintained an 18-room mansion in his native town of Springfield, Ohio, which he had designedhimself. Mr. Hellmuth held an honorary degree from Notre Dame University and was a trustee since 1960 and a fellow of the university.

Mr. Hellmuth leaves a sister, Mary Rita Hellmuth of Springfield, Ohio, and nieces and nephews.

A funeral Mass will be said in St. Theresa's Church, Springfield, Ohio, Thursday at 10 a.m. A memorial service will be announced later in Boston. (/quote]

Don, I hardly think calling someone a variation fo their first name is enough to negate the weight of the evidence proffered, especially when the party subjected to such a mild taunt does not give an inch, give any credit to the accomplishment of the other side in support of their arguments, even as he posts again, and again, since 2007, how much he generally respects the overall work of the person he minimizes and trivializes the work of.

Jim and I shared things about Janney that contradicted his declarations in his posts on this thread and in others in this forum these past six years, and they are repeated in his book. Don, Peter Janney has charge people money to read this.:


.....According to both Janney and Smith, Damore had come to believe that Meyer’s killer was a man named William Mitchell. A shadowy figure who testified for the prosecution at Crump’s trial, Mitchell had been in the park at the time of Meyer’s murder yet had vanished in the wind after the trial; efforts to locate him through military records, phone book listings, and other means proved futile.

It isn't true, Don, that fact has to lower the credibility of what you are saying you are buying into.... It becomes reasonable to wonder if Janney is who some say Nina Burleigh is.

Don, considering Janney's family background, isn't what actually remains of his support for "the CIA assassinated Mary Meyer"

less compelling than the idea he may have had more important matters to write about, especially if he is who he claims he is; a rebel against his father's thinking, politics, world view and the CIA that he spent his career with? And he did not because his book is actually crafted as a distraction? What do you see remains, from what he presented in this thread, that is strong enough to fashion a book about a CIA assassination of Meyer?

HIs mother was a player at the Woods Hole Institute, and his father certainly was acquainted with the OSS/CIA veterans infesting the place. I don't know about you, but I find this to be grist for the mill, and I'm leaving what I've already said about his uncle, Frank Pace, as is.

I did not even get into the history of Paul Hellmuth and Dr. Tom Dooley. John A. Bross and Eli Whitney Debevoise both were assistant counsels to the HICOG at about the same time. McCloy took Debevoise's father's place as John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s attorney when Debevoise's father, Thomas, retired. Eli Whitney Debevoise's law partner was Francis Plimpton, Plimpton's brother was appointed by McCloy as president of Amherst U. Plimpton's son George (with Cass Canfield's stepson and Peter Matthiessen) was part of what the Tom Dooley propaganda / espionage Op was about, steering and controlling young hearts and minds. Francis Plimpton was implicated with Houghton at the Met. Museum, along with Paul Hellmuth and David B. Stone in the CIA funding of student Orgs ...... Hellmuth, Stone, and Weston Howland, Jr., a cousin who was one of the less than 20 named with Michael Paine as shareholders of Naushon Island were founders of the New England Aquarium and served on the board and or funded the Woods Hole Institute.

Almost nothing as "tight" as what I just described and what follows, has been written about these names. Isn't what you gave consideration / validation to, in your post, less well defined than this, less substantiated? Can you understand why I'm thinking it is a good idea to be cautious about what you endorse, considering all the holes torn now in Janney's "pitch," on the chance that he has done more of what you and other members here unhesitatingly lay in the lap of Burleigh? D-i-s-t-r-a-c-t-i-on.

This is free, Don. It is of higher quality, and I think it is more disturbing and impacting on many more people than what Janney has devoted himself to. His mother lived a long life, she knew the Woods Hole people associated with this.:


Ventura County Chosen For Reagan Library .

‎Modesto Bee - Nov 14, 1987

The Reagan' library and an affiliated center for public affairs will be constructed ... the property from the Los Angeles based development firm of Blakeley Swart?,

Daily News of Los Angeles : REAGAN TO OPEN WORK ON LIBRARY ...

‎Daily News of Los Angeles - Nov 17, 1988

The $44 million Reagan library, expected to be open in early 1990, will be the ... Meanwhile, the real estate investment firm of Blakeley Swartz, donors of the

Daily News of Los Angeles : SIMI COUNCIL TO REVIEW PLAN FOR...

‎Daily News of Los Angeles - Dec 21, 1990

... not far from the Reagan Library could be before the City Council within a month , ... Bill Howe, project manager for Blakeley Western, said Thursday he was ...

Daily News of Los Angeles : REAGAN GRATEFUL TO COMMUNITY -...

Daily News of Los Angeles - Nov 6, 1991

... a citizen of the city of Simi Valley here at the Ronald Reagan library. ... the planning process. from the development partnership of Blakeley-Swartz, ...

Chicago Sun-Times : Presidential library in Simi Valley,...

‎Chicago Sun-Times - Jun 6, 2004

Stanford faculty and students opposed the idea of a Reagan library for political ... Two developers from Ventura County--Gerald Blakeley and Don Swartz--had ...

… : Turned away by Stanford University, Reagan library...

Associated Press Archive - Jun 12, 2004Gerald Blakeley, a Boston developer and Republican fund-raiser, ... the federal government spent $3.8 million to run the Reagan library, which was fourth on .




A POSTWAR VISION REALIZED: With rapid suburbanization imminent, the value of Route 128 soon became apparent. In 1948, Gerald W. Blakely, Jr., the son of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor and head of the industrial development division of Cabot, Cabot and Forbes, obtained a copy of the Master Highway Plan. He envisioned that for the newly high-tech industries of the postwar era, the value of Route 128 and other proposed highways lie in their proximity to MIT.....



printed in the press, the pattern of leadership was ap-


Business establishments in the East Bay became dis-

turbed as, from the campus sanctuary at Berkeley, thou-

sands of marchers entered the Berkeley and Oakland com-

munities, attracting huge crowds, jamming the streets,

forcing hundreds of police officers and National Guards-

men to line the course of the marches, and creating all

the emotional tensions that inevitably accompany such

demonstrations. In late October, Gerald W. Blakely told

the Industrial Development Conference in San Francisco

that ''Berkeley's continuing protests against the political

and social order have become a major deterrent in Cali-

fornia's drive to attract industry. "^^

Charges that the University at Berkeley was being used

as a breeding place for off -campus lawlessness were an-

swered by President Kerr from Riverside, where he had

been attending a Regents' meeting. He said: "If there are

individuals who have knowledge of illegal acts on any

campus, these persons should bring such actions to the at-

tention of the appropriate law enforcement agencies as

well as to the chancellor of the campus involved. ' ' '^^


®^ San Francisco Chronicle, October 22, 1965.

TO Oakland Tribune, November 20, 1965.

Investigative journalist Seth Rosenfeld’s new book, "Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power," is based on more than 300,000 pages of records Rosenfeld received over three decades through five Freedom of Information lawsuits against the FBI. The book tracks how then-FBI director J. Edgar Hoover ordered his agents to investigate and then disrupt the Free Speech Movement that began in 1964 on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. In part two of our interview, Rosenfeld discusses how Ronald Reagan collaborated with the FBI to target California’s student movement and strengthen Reagan’s own rise to power.

Click here to watch part 1. [includes rush transcript]

Event will honor Gerald Blakely, Jr. and the Late Edward H. Linde


BOSTON - On Thursday, October 28th at 8 a.m., Mort Zuckerman, co-founder chairman and CEO of Boston Properties, publisher of the New York Daily News, and editor of U.S. News and World Report, will address at the region's top real estate and building industry companies at a United Way leadership breakfast. At the breakfast, President of Blakely Investments Gerald Blakely and Edward Linde, the late CEO of Boston Properties will be honored for their long-standing commitment to the community.

The event provides Zuckerman with an opportunity to honor his late friend and colleague Ed Linde who died in January at the age of 68. Linde and Zuckerman co-founded Boston Properties more than 40 years ago. Linde will be honored by United Way and the Real Estate & Building Industry for his life-long commitment to improving the Greater Boston community and the advancement of charitable organizations, including United Way, Beth Israel Hospital, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Museum of Fine Arts.

At the United Way event, Zuckerman will also honor friend and former colleague Gerald W. Blakeley, President of Blakeley Investment Company, a major investor in real estate. Blakeley has also been a leader philanthropically and civically, serving on the National Board of Governors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Coast Guard Foundation, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Zuckerman and Linde both worked for Blakeley when he was CEO of Cabot, Cabot & Forbes.

In attendance will be: Premier Sponsor McCall and Almy, Premier Sponsor Moriarty, Special Sponsor Hank & Ann Spaulding, The Beal Companies, Nutter, McClennen & Fish, Terra Nova Partners, Goulston & Storrs, Forest City Boston, Jones Lang LaSalle, FHO Partners, Boston Properties, Rockpoint Group, The Davis Companies and Marcus Partners, INC.


Michael Paine was descended from the Cabots on both his father's and his mother's side; he was thus a second cousin once removed of Thomas Dudley Cabot and a cousin of Alexander Cochrane Forbes, who married a daughter of Warren Delano Robbins (FDR's cousin) and served as a director of United Fruit and trustee of Cabot, Cabot and Forbes.

Paul F.Hellmuth (among the first Catholic laymen to serve on the board of Notre Dame), and a vice-president of Cabot, Cabot and Forbes was a trustee of the J. Frederick Brown Foundation, a CIA "conduit", along with G.C. Cabot. Thus the Paine family [had] links with the blue-blood intelligence circles of the OSS and CIA, In the summer of 1963 it was Ruth (Michael's wife), rather than Michael Paine, who maintained close relations with the patrician Paine and Forbes families, traveling east in July to stay with her mother-in-law at the traditional Forbes clan retreat of Naushon Island near Wood's Hole, Massachusetts (CE 416, 17 H 119). [source: Peter Dale Scott, The Dallas Conspiracy, ch. IV, pp. 2-4, as quoted in websites linked above]. Hellmuth's name would appear in 1974 in Jack Anderson's column as the law partner of Richard Nixon's impeachment attorney, allegedly involved in an industrial security company that was "wholly owned" by the CIA and used to shred documents to maintain secrecy.


‎Boston Globe - Nov 21, 1999

... clearing the bond obligations, and in October 1964 Blakeley and associates Paul Hellmuth and Charles Spaulding acquired the Ritz-Carlton for $3.8 million.

    1. CC&F: A troubled real estate giant

      Boston Globe - Oct 20, 1976 Still, CC&F will be aided by a much-needed cash injection of about $13 million, which will be ...New England Merchants Bank and the First National Bank of Boston, according to a source in the financial community. This money will enable CC&F to pay off several obligations, including $2 million in back taxes owed to the City of Boston on several downtown locations, particularly One Boston Place and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Still, a leading banker, familiar with the negotiations, believes the odds on successful completion are only "75 to 80 percent." Even if CC&F is rescued, it is clear that the firm will not be the same high-flying, free-wheeling operation it has been. According to one source, CC&F is undergoing a retrenchment and consolidation that can be described as "voluntary reorganization outside the courts." Blakeley concedes that the firm will "cut back some, and make no more land acquisitions. But he says he hopes the loans being sought by the company will "allow new deals on buildings." . Cabot, Cabot & Forbes, during the 25 years of Blakeley's leadership, has pioneered industrial parks in the United States, contributed heavily to the of Rte. 128 and is responsible responsible for several office towers in downtown Boston. The company, a key factor in the economies of Boston and Massachusetts, made fortunes The banks did not want to push CC&F into bankruptcy, in which its numerous subsidiaries would be difficult to unravel. There was no default because the banks extended their loans "informally," according to Ed- win B. Morris 3d, senior vice president of the First National Bank of Boston At CC&F , the financial crisis triggered a reshuffling of management that may not be over. Blakeley, who was the president, became chairman, and handed over the top operating spot to Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld, a 37-year-old financial expert who was formerly with Brown Bros ... At the June trustees meeting, Blakeley and Paul F. Hellmuth, a large CC&F shareholder, resigned as trustees. Emerson, who had resigned from the development company in May, became the chairman of the land trust s board of trustees. The trustees of the land trust also decided to terminate its contract with CC&F Advisory, a company set up to counsel the land trust. CC&F Advisory, whose principal shareholders are Hellmuth and Blakeley, is now an inactive company with some real estate holdings......

  1. Also Don, how is what Burleigh said about abortion, political partisanship. It is an issue of civil rights in the category of womens' rights. Substitute "keep abortion legal" with the words "keep caging illegal" and attribute it to congressman John Lewis and dismiss it as partisan.

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