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Where Was CE 399 Found?

Tim Gratz

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I wanted to start a "thread" just on the discovey of the magic bullet. This is it!


Follow the link to "Finding the Magic Bullet". Great commentary.

See also this essay by John Hunt:


As I noted in a thread on Mr. Bugliosi, in his book he simply ignores the issue re where Tomlinson found the magic bullet. He has to--for I believe he does state at one point that if CE399 was "planted" that is proof positive of a conspiracy. So how could he tell his readers that the man who found CE399 was positive (at least until Specter "talked to him") that it was on a stretcher not relatred to the assassination? It would destroy all the rest of his arguments if Tomlinson was correct.

So just remember, boys and girls, what Bugliosi should always add to his "no evidence" statement: "Provided, of course, that Tomlinson was mistaken re where he found CE399."

I must admit that the NAA made it look like Tomlinson might have been mistaken but the recently published "attack" on the validity of the NAA, if valid, demolishes that argument. Hence the importance of that issue: if the original NAA was correct, Tomlinson had to be mistaken. But if the NAA analysis was flawed, then Tomlinson could very well be right about where he found CE399.

And if Tomlinson was right, that one fact in itself proves a conspiracy.

Two caveats here: in the VB thread, Pat Speer posted a "benign" explanation for the "planting" by FBI agents who had mistakenly removed it from SS100.

Second, you ought to read VB's "logical analysis" why the conspirators would not have risked planting the bullet at Parkland. His logic does IMO lend some support to Pat's theory that it was planted, but not by a conspirator.

Problem I see with VB is he simply asserts that CE399 came from Connally's stretcher and never mentions that there is a great controversy over that issue.

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A great article by Dr Gary Aguilar re why the NAA analysis is in error and how VB evaded the issue:


If the NAA was correct, CE399 found on the stretcher matched fragments in Governor Connally.

But if the NAA was flawed, as seems apparent from the two recent studies, then it is clear that even though CE399 may have come from the MC, someone "planted" it on the Parkland stretcher not connected to the assassination. (Statements of Darrell Tomlinson.)

Perhaps, as Pat Speer suggests, the planting was "benign". But if not "benign" the planting is proof positive of a conspiracy.

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