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The Cancer Conspiracy

John Simkin

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In his book, Dr. Mary's Monkey, Edward Haslam covers many different subjects in his book that may or may not be linked to the death of Dr. Mary Sherman. One of the most interesting pieces of information concerns a report published by the American Medical Association. Haslam quotes USA Today as saying: “Men born between 1948 and 1957 have three times as much cancer not related to smoking as men born in the late 1800s… The study’s researchers insist the increase cannot be explained by smoking, better diagnosis, or an aging population.” The article, published on 9th April, 1994, quotes U.S. Public Health Service official Devera Lee Davies as saying: “There’s something else going on.”

Haslam argues that the increase in cancer could be linked to the polio epidemic in the early 1950s. The first polio vaccine was developed in 1952 by Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh, and announced to the world on April 12, 1955. Haslam writes about a researcher called Bernice Eddy. She carried out an experiment where she injected the polio vaccine into monkeys. They immediately fell paralyzed in their cages. Eddy realized that the virus in the vaccine was not dead as promised, but still alive and ready to breed. Eddy reported her findings to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Her research received some publicity but the medical establishment insisted that the mass inoculation should go ahead. Dr. Alton Ochsner, Dr. Mary Sherman’s boss, joined in the debate by announcing he intended to inject his own grandchildren with the new vaccine. Eddy was roundly condemned for her comments and was taken off polio research.

However, Eddy was right, within a few days children all over America who had been given this vaccine fell ill with polio. Two of Ochsner’s grandchildren developed the disease. One died and the other one survived. The Secretary of Health, Oveta Hobby and the Director of the NIH were forced to resign.

The Salk vaccine was withdrawn and a second weaker vaccine developed by Albert Sabin was deployed instead. This new vaccine was used all over the world. I, like I suspect most members of this forum, received their injection while at school. In time, polio ceased to be a killer disease.

Meanwhile, Eddy continued her research. She joined forces with Dr. Sarah Stewart who worked at the National Cancer Institute. In 1957 they became the first people to identify the polyoma virus (SV40), which produced several types of cancer in a variety of small mammals and that it can be transferred from one animal to another.

In 1959 Eddy and Stewart began to look closely at the Sabin polio vaccine that was being given to children all over the world. The vaccine’s manufacturers had grown their polio viruses on the kidney’s of monkeys. They speculated that when they removed the polio virus from the monkeys’ kidneys, they also removed an unknown number of other monkey viruses. If they were right, the world had been inoculating an entire generation of Americans with cancer-causing monkey viruses?

In October, 1960, Bernice Eddy went public with their findings at the New York Cancer Society. The NIH immediately took steps to silence her. They took away her lab, destroyed the animals she was carrying out experiments on, put her under a gagging order and prevented her from attending professional meetings.

The research of Eddy and Stewart was backed up by that of Laurella McClelland working in Philadelphia. As McClelland was working for a vaccine manufacturer, this information was covered up at the time. However, on 26th July, 1961, the New York Times reported that two vaccine manufacturers were withdrawing their polio vaccines until they can eliminate a monkey virus. Seven months later another article in the New York Times suggested that there was a possibility of cancer in the polio vaccine. However, no one picked up on this information and the idea of children being vaccinated with cancer never entered the public consciousness.

Meanwhile the US government arranged for secret experiments to take place to produce a new polio vaccine that did not cause cancer. Haslam speculates that Dr. Mary Sherman was involved in this research and that her death might be linked to this. (I will explain this later).

Haslam does not mention that recent scientific develops have confirmed that Eddy and Stewart were right about their belief that there was a connection between the polio vaccine and the cancer epidemic. Scientists have discovered that the DNA of SV40 in monkeys is very similar to the DNA of cancer tumors in humans.

Haslam does not mention another important possible link with the assassination of JFK. If people like Dr. Alton Ochsner were aware as early as 1961 that it was possible to inject humans with SV40 in order to create a cancer tumor. Is it possible that this is what they did to Jack Ruby?

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In Australia:


"A federal government agency knowingly released polio vaccine contaminated with a monkey virus in the 1960s that has since been linked to a range of cancers, including mesothelioma.

The virus contaminated at least four batches of vaccine totalling almost three million doses between 1956 and 1962.

Two of the batches were released after testing positive to contamination. The other two were released before tests could be done. An unknown number of earlier batches were also almost certainly contaminated.

An investigation by The Age has found documents from the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories which reveal bosses there released one batch of about 700,000 doses of contaminated vaccine in 1962 on the grounds that "much vaccine issued in the past was probably similarly contaminated".

Australia's leading experts on the virus, which is known as simian virus 40 or SV40, have found traces of it in human tumour cells and are calling for urgent funding to clarify the links.

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories knew from its own internal research that the monkey virus was a potential cause of cancer in humans. The research, which was never made public, was carried out in August 1962, while contaminated batches of vaccine were still being released. Tests carried out at the time also showed monkey virus contamination of some of the "seed" polio virus used to produce all Salk polio vaccines between 1956 and 1962. ..."

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