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Moderator actions - Political Conspiracies

Evan Burton

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In the interest of being open & transparent, would all Mods please record any Moderator actions they take (locking, deleting, warning, moving, etc) here. This thread is for recording the actions only, and not for discussing them.

Access is limited to Moderators only. Unlock the thread, make your post, then lock the thread when finished.

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Jack White posts and quotes removed due to violation of rule (iv) - questioning the motives of a poster:

Thread: "WTC7 Controlled Demolition, described by witnesses"

URL: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...60&start=60

(iv) Members should not make personal attacks on other members. Nor should references be made to their abilities as researchers. Most importantly, the motivations of the poster should not be questioned. At all times members should concentrate on what is being said, rather than who is saying it.

Edited by Evan Burton
Include thread and URL details
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Deleted thread entitled "Overkill" as it did not actually raise any topic for discussion that would be permitted on this forum, was merely a complaint in some ways (use the complaints thread), and was developing into a thread which contained nothing but bickering and insults at one another.

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Hi Evan

Please rest assured that I have a log of all admin and moderator actions without this thread. No moderator should feel they have to justify their actions.

You are trusted and valued members of an unpaid and much appreciated team.

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Duane's warning level is increased to 30% for continued abuse towards other Forum members:

That's quite a gang of thugs you got there Craig ...


You have no business being a moderator here .... You're an insulting jerk .


If you ever posted anything besides projection , insults , lies , or lectures , then I might have taken you a bit more seriously ... As it is , all you prove is just how nasty you really are .

I have friends who read your posts here to me , and they keep telling me to walk away from this forum because of members like you .. In fact , a few of them have told me that they think you're insane ... I think they're right .


If all of your studies were really wrong , then arses like Lamson wouldn't be bothered with you...


...shows what a delusional fool you really are .


You would rather die than to admit that even one of the Apollo photos is anomalous or suspicious in any respect .. and considering how many of them are anomalous and suspicious , I find that downright dishonest and deceptive .


All narcissistic craig cares about is people praising him for his photography ... But maybe it's a good thing that he at least can take pretty pictures , cuz I doubt he's good for much else ... Except being a jerk on discussion forums maybe .


...but after the witch hunt against him here , started by you and Dave, and your typical obnoxious character assassination of him and his work...


You really are quite delusional


You wouldn't recognize a scam if it jumped up and bit you on your unenlightened arse

So the real garbage is what is posted there by clowns like you and your pal Craig .


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And these:

It's much more fun to get with your closed minded pals and bash the crap out of the conspiracy "nutjobs" , right phunk ?


and of course the many fools like you , who defend them .


These two conspiracy researchers are famous , " Mr. Light" from Jumpoff Place , Indiana and you're not ...

...inspite of closed minded , game playing jerks like you .


Along with doing nothing but disagreeing with eveyone who is trying to show you a truth you refuse to believe , by spewing more of your typical misinformation , you obviously don't know how to read either


Len's and your deliberate misinformation would be scary if it wasn't so pathetically ridiculous ...


David Percy wouldn't wipe his boots on you , much less waste his valuable time arguing with a closed minded disinformation artist who posts nothing but venom.


...he's just one little egotistical photographer living in the boondocks of the midwest ... Otherwise known as Jumpoff Place , Indiana .

So Craig's unkind remark, claiming that I rely on the statements of people like White and Percy to think for me , is a lie .

All Craig has done by starting this thread is to continue to character assassinate Jack and David with his game of "one up" on the conspiracy researchers and has reminded us all what a mean and hateful little man he really is ( as if any of us needed reminding ) .. For a guy who's in his 50's , this game is very immature .


You really do live in the land of Geekdom by the river Denial , don't you ?


If you had a reply that would benefit you , you would certainly not hesitate to post it , instead of looking like a dishonest fool .

* edited to add... You are also being dishonest in what you claim my post comments were to you


These are examples from this month alone.

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I have been considering your position, and I will retract the warning level I put onto you. This will reduce you back to 20%, but it is on the understanding - and this applies to everyone - curb your insults. If you want to express your disapproval of someone, then do so in a civil manner.

People will receive one public warning (so that other may see what I am considering acceptable and not acceptable). If you do not take heed, your warning level will be increased. The public warning will be on the thread where the infraction occurs, the raising of your warning level will be record in this thread.

If you believe the public warning is unwarranted, then please note this in the complaints thread. I will then ask other moderators to review the decision. Same with raising of the warning level - if you disagree, note it in the complaints thread and other moderators will review the decision.

Once again - this applies to everyone. If you think that I have stepped over the line, then report me using the "REPORT!" button on the bottom left-hand corner of the post. This will notify ALL mods, and another moderator will consider if I have breeched standards of civility.

Lastly, may I repeat what I have said elsewhere: attack the message, not the messenger.

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Guest Stephen Turner

I have locked the topic "Dont know whats going on here" It was becoming a dumping ground for personal attacks of the usual childish nature.

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An image posted in this post was deleted at the request of the photographer, as no permission was gained for its use.

Hi Evan,

I object to Damon's use of one of my images to spread his <opinions with which I disagree>, particularly as he hasn't even bothered crediting it. If it is within your power to remove the image and details from this post: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...st&p=121736 I would be gratefully if you would do so. If Damon wishes to link to the post at ApolloHoax.net then he is free to do so, as this will give people a chance to see the image in the context in which it was intended.

Thank you,


(ps If you do remove the image you have my permission to reproduce this PM to explain your action)

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Guest Stephen Turner

I have locked the thread Coincidence or Conspiracy.

It was IMHO, not a political conspiracy, it was also attracting the usual Ad-Homs, from the usual suspects.



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In this post, Duane has accused me of altering an image posted by him.

The specific phrase was: "You didn't by any chance "fix" that image for me , did you Evan ?"

Normally complaints go into the complaints thread.

If you have an accusation of a serious nature such as this (a moderator tampering with a post that is not part of their normal moderation duties), then bring it to the attention of John or Andy via PM as soon as possible. John and Andy will check the security logs and advise you.

Do NOT make a public accusation such as the above.

Duane is formally warned.

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