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VIDEO - ZR/RIFLE: The CIA Plots to Kill Castro

Gil Jesus

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This is a very interesting program with very interesting interviews. I am sure all members will be fascinated to see interviews with Bissell, Maheu, Halpern, Cubela, etc.

I believe it was produced by someone with ties to Castro. I do found one error.

The narrator states that Bill Harvey was involved in the false defector program and that LHO was a false defector.

Of course, there has been much written about that false defector program and whether LHO was part of it but I don't think there has been any substantial evidence produced that he was part of such a program.

And I do not recall anything linking Harvey to the false defector program. If there was or is, can someone provide the cite to it.

Again, thanks to Gil for these great posts to You Tube!

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The video, like many of my longer videos, is a compilation of several different sources.

Most of it came from a video on the CIA produced by the BBC in association with the A&E channel and Time-Life video.

I'm not sure if any of those have ties to Castro. I, for one, do not.

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Gil, I enjoy and appreciate all of your video posts to You Tube.

I never for a moment thought you had any ties to the bearded Maximum Leader. Nor do I think A & E does, I am somewhat less certain of the BBC, however. (Hopefully folks recognize my irony).

There is a reason why I wondered about the origin of the footage however. There was indeed a Cuban produced documentary on the assassination plots against Castro which was called "ZR Rifle". This is from the Cuban-exile website:

Cuban Documentary


Castro Assassination Plots

"ZR RIFLE" Televised in Havana

27 November 1993


I just wanted to explain why I connected the title "ZR Rifle" to Cuba.

As I said before, the video was most interesting.

Gil, you are doing a great service by making the effort to find these and post them to YouTube.

Edited by Tim Gratz
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