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Did Ruby Know Oswald?

Tim Gratz

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On 9/2/2007 at 10:11 PM, Tim Gratz said:

I cannot remember whether he have had a thread addressed specifically about this issue but I think it merits one.

And going on, can we discuss other persons who reported seeing the two together, and the credibility of such witnesses?


APRIL 4, 1967

Officer J. A. ANDREWS, Texas Highway Patrol, was interviewed by us, relative to the death of one MELBA CHRISTINE MARCADES, alias ROSE CHERAMIE [sic], w/fm, d.o.b. 11-14-23, LSP #256-375, FBI #234-7922.

Officer ANDREWS stated that subject died of injuries received from an automobile accident on Hwy. #155, 1.7 miles East of Big Sandy, Upshur County, Texas, at 3:00 AM, on Sept. 4, 1965. Subject died at the hospital in Gladewater, Gregg County, Texas. The inquest was held by Justice of the Peace ROSS DELAY, Prec. #3, Gregg County, Texas.

The accident was reported to Officer ANDREWS by the operator of the car, after he had taken the subject to the hospital. ANDREWS stated that the operator related that the victim was apparrently [sic] lying on the roadway with her head and upper part of her body resting on the traffic lane, and although he had attempted to avoid running ove[r] her, he ran over the top part of her skull, causing fatal injuries. An investigation of the physical evidence at the scene of the accident was unable to contradict this statement. Officer ANDREWS stated that due to the unusual circumstances, mainly time, location, injuries received and lack of prominent physical evidence, he attempted to establish a relationship between the operator of the vehicle and the victim to determine if any foul play was involved. This resulted negative.

It should be noted that Hwy. #155 is a Farm to Market Road, running parallel to US Hwys. #271 and #80. It is our opinion, from experience, that if a subject was hitch-hiking, as this report wants to indicate, that this DOES NOT run true to form. It is our opinion that the subject would have been on one of the US Highways.

ANDREWS stated that although he had some doubt as to the authenticity of the information received, due to the fact that the relatives of the victim did not pursue the investigation, he closed it as accidental death.

APRIL 4, 1967

Officer ANDREWS----

We wish to further state that fingerprint identification shows that deceased subject, MELBA CHRISTINE MARCADES, is the same person as subject ROSE CHERAMIE [sic], who was in custody, by us, from November 21, 1963, through November 28, 1963, at which time she stated that she once worked for JACK RUBY as a stripper, which was verified, and that RUBY and LEE HARVEY OSWOLD [sic] were definitely associated and known to be, as she stated, "bed partners." She further referred to RUBY as alias "PINKEY."

Other statements made by subject, relative to your inquiry, are hear-say, but are available, upon your request.

(signed) Lt. F. L. Frugé


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On 9/29/2016 at 11:35 AM, Paul Brancato said:

I hope I'm doing his right. I'm posting from an old thread about Ruby and Oswald. There is a link here which describes three men at the Carousel club in November 1963. When this was posted no one apparently noticed the description of one of the 'Oswald' companions as Mexican with a scar over his left eye. Isn't that suggestive of David Morales?


emphasis added

bumped for Paul Brancato

PS  Where is the link to that "description"?

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On 10/2/2016 at 7:53 AM, Paul Brancato said:

Tommy - Fabian Escalante said that the Latino with Oswald in NO was probably a man named Isidro Borja. I can't find photos of that man, or any info for that matter. I'm not trying to cast doubt on your excellent work, just providing the name in case someone here has anything to add.


Escalante must be talking about the other time Oswald was "caught" on film (by TV News cameras) handing out FPCC flyers in front of the International Trade Mart, during which no one was arrested.  That incident was exactly one week after the one we've been talking about.  The one we're talking about regarding "Neck Scratcher" was on 8/09/63.  IIRC, google "PIZZO EXHIBIT"  The thin Hispanic-looking guy wearing a white shirt and tie and handing out flyers is the guy Escalante is talking about, but he's wrong.  That's not Borja.  And it isn't Ted Cruz's father either, as far as I know.  (lol)

--  Tommy :sun

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On 9/14/2007 at 0:28 PM, Tim Gratz said:

Here is a link to Commission Exhibit 2370 referenced in Richard Billings' "New Orleans Journal":


This relates to a statement of a Harvey Wade that he saw LHO in the Carousel Club on November 10, 1963.

I thought I would bring this back because of the link.

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2 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

I thought I would bring this back because of the link.

Before I started researching Oswald's Russian embassy letter, I was pretty actively researching the notion that Jack Ruby was in cahoots with Phillips, (or Oswald, or Hosty, etc.) and it seemed to me then that Ruby's frequent trips and contacts in Houston were a major red flag. There were no smoking guns but a ton of circumstantial evidence the puts a lot of the "players" in close proximity in the city that is roughly halfway between New Orleans and Dallas.

Mary Ferrel's chronology has Ferrie traveling to Dallas on 11/0 which is interesting in the context of Harvey Wade's statement in your link.

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