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Nancy Bean Hector Dead at 84 by her own hand

Tim Gratz

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Nancy Bean Hector ended her own life in her New York apartment on August 24, per the Aug 31 "Miami Herald".

She had returned to New York from Coconut Grove, FL following the 2005 death of her third husband, Louis J. Hector, partner in the prominent Miami law firm of Steel Hector & Davis.

When you learn the name of her first husband, whom she divorced after 23 years of marriage, you will understand why she was "in the inner Kennedy circle". Her first husband, you see, was Theodore White, who grew close to JFK while he was writing "The Making of the President 1960."

After she divorced White, she married Charles Dewey Hilles III, the general counsel of ITT Corp. She fell in love with Hector after Hilles died.

By the way, I am not sure of the connection, but the married name of her daughter (by Theodore White) is Heyden White Rostow.

In 1965 she wrote "Meet John F Kennedy", a book for young readers.

The obituary says that in 1943 she smuggled in her underwear nuclear secrets given to her by the head of India's atomic energy commission. She was in India working for the Office of War Information. The documents were ultimately delivered to Niels Bohr. Thus it is possible her most significant legacy might be that contribution to the success of the Manhattan Project.

Certainly an interesting lady.

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