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Florence Pritchett Smith Was NOT Murdered - Want Proof ?

David Yarnell

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Florence Pritchett Smith, wife of the ambassador to Cuba prior to the Castro takeover, might have had sex with JFK.

But she was not murdered. Penn Jones Jr. was wrong to call her death suspicious simply because he didn't know what type of cancer she had.

Here is a quote from the Voice of Broadway column published in the New York Journal American on Monday, November 22, 1965. It is not part of any online archive of historical newspapers, but you can find it on microfilm in New York City, Washington, DC and Austin, Texas.

"Her friends still marvel at the late Florence Pritchett (Mrs. Earl E. T.) Smith's jaunty courage; knowing she was dying, she calmly planned her own funeral, including the list of honorary pallbearers."

This verifies a statement from her son, Earl Jr. He said, "My poor mother died of cancer."

Penn Jones also was wrong when he said Florence died two days after Dorothy Kilgallen. She died the next day.

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