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Who was QJ/WIN

Tim Gratz

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I did discuss this with John Newman who told me that his findings on the other use of the crypt are in his second new volume.  Apparently the crypt was used as a cover for one or more individuals working out of a California office in liaison work on drug smuggling.  The CIA had an interesting habit of doing such liaison with the drug enforcement agency and then essentially stealing informants for itself.  We find that in Europe and later all across Latin America.  I have not had time to pursue the exact citation in John's work myself.

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On ‎12‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 7:07 PM, Rich Pope said:

This is who my sources say QJWIN was.  Michael Mertz, who was in Dallas the day JFK was shot.


I maintain that this supports my theory that the Dallas Radical Right killed JFK.    I suspect as many as 12 shooters, mostly from Dallas -- all volunteers with no money allowed for any shooter.

The main motivation for the shooting was therefore political and ideological.

This would attract people from all over the USA, Mexico and Europe, obviously.   There were dozens of players -- and the official CIA was in the dark.   The FBI should have been on top of it -- and I believe the FBI knew far more about it than we have currently seen revealed.

In any case -- the telling thing about Mike Mertz isn't that he was French -- but that he was ARMY.   These were the guys who tried to kill De Gaulle -- one of their OWN.

The US Radical Right has always been weighted with Ex-Military with strong political and ideological views on the right.   Birds of a feather flock together.

The Radical Right in 1963 spread from the USA through Mexico, into Europe.   The main shooters in Dallas were already selected, I say, but enthusiasts from all over the planet, when they heard the rumors from the Radical Right grapevine (mainly from blabbermouth Joseph Milteer) just had to be there.

For example, Lee Bowers saw two cars from out of Texas drive into the private County parking lot, with mud up to their door handles.   These caught his attention because he was accustomed to seeing the regulars parked there -- all County workers, especially Deputies.   This was a locked parking lot -- and the entrance was the exit.   Somebody who worked for the County had to let these cars inside.

They were mainly part of the background support.   The Dallas boys had it all under control.   The Warren Commission -- read from this perspective -- reads like a Confessional.

Best regards,
--Paul Trejo

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Interesting doc. A few new crypts. WIROTH-1, another CIA agent, tries to recruit QJWIN to join assassination gang. Station says WIROTH "exceeding instructions."  WIROTH trained in small arms, demolition and "medical immunizations." Looks like they were going to use these "vials" against Lumumba. 

O'Donnell claims that when he got there, COS Leopoldville had vial of virus in safe to use against Lumumba.



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2 hours ago, Rich Pope said:

That isn't how it works these days.  A person gets a new name, with a complete back-story that is rehearsed and role-played until the officer knows it like the back of his/her hand.  Keeping track of multiple aliases for a field agent is borderline reckless and could get the officer killed.  Maybe in the early days of the CIA they used multiple aliases but they quickly learned how dangerous that practice was.  The person who recruited me for the CIA used the name Robert Bell.  The reason...my father's first name was Robert and my father was the CEO of Southwestern Bell.  I caught on immediately and told him that I thought it was clever.  All he did was smile at me.

Hi Rich - since you’re being forthcominG about your CIA history why not share your personal experience with finding out who killed JFK. 

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Thought I would try resurrecting this thread. After searching the new doc release for QJWIN I came up with two interesting ones out of the 5 listed. One of them ends with the writer, Arnold Silver, wondering if QJWIN spilled any beans to QJBANNER. Well, any conjecture about QJBANNER being Arnold Silver should probably be set aside. According to the Mary Ferrell site QJ most likely refers to Spain, but QJBANNER is still unidentified. 
This same doc refers to someone by name Barletta. Silver is asking whoever is receiving this doc what QJWIN knows about Barletta, who is being considered for a highly classified CIA op. I found one possibility for Barletta - Amadeo Barletta, who according to Cuban writer Enrique Cirules was part of a mafia family with Lansky in Havana. During the war Barletta was counsel for Mussolini and administrator of Mussolini’s family in America, while living in the Dominican Republic. The FBI thought he was a double agent and ordered his arrest. Barletta fled DR and lived out the war in Argentina. Afterwards he moved to Havana and led several large American corporations there under Batista including, according to Cirules, GM. Castro changed all that when he confiscated American holdings in Cuba. 

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