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Osama and little George go to Texas.

Guest Stephen Turner

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Guest Stephen Turner

Scene,Crawford Texas, the Bush ranch. OBL, and Dubya are sitting in the shade of a tree, Osama is drinking a beer and flicking through a porno mag entitled " Muslem minxes" whilst Bush sucks a bottle Old Turkey dry.

OBL, " So how you doing without Tony"

Dubya, "Kinda miss the little sucker, whitest teeth I ever saw, this Brown Guy scares the livin crap outa me, he got takin bout ecnomics, told him I used to leave all that up to Dick."

OBL, " Oh yeah, I was talking to Ken Lay the other day, sends his regards, him and Saddam are running a bar in Saudi, Nixon was there, slumped in a high backed chair, cussing kissenger something awful."

Dubya, "We need to do sumthin bout the Democrats, their gettin sassy agin, got anymore of that anthrax do-dad"

OBL, " I'll get one of the Boys to shove something up Ms Clinton's nightie. (Both laugh)

OBL, " Seriously though George, isnt it time for another display of evil doing, perhaps take out Haps hamburger stand, or the Smithsonian, get your guys to draft Patriot three."

Dubya, " Talk to Dick or Wolfie, their the ideas guys, hey pass me that bottle of Jack Daniels, and for Christ stop playing with yourself."

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