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The Kennedy Assassination by Peter Knight

John Simkin

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Peter Knight's book on the Kennedy assassination is the best available source we have on the most symptomatic event of postwar American history. Encyclopedic in scope, elegant and clear in its execution, wide-ranging in its assessment of the history and representational aftermath of that dark day in Dallas, this will be the "go-to" book on the Kennedy assassination for some time to come.’

Patrick O’Donnell, Chair of the Department of English, Michigan State University

"The best available source. . ." highly doubtful. Try perhaps "Someone Would Have Talked".

"Encyclopedic in scope" at only 192 pages? That statement is incredible on its face. Now Bugliosi's book, while often wrong, is truly encyclopedic in scope.

But I have never heard of this book before, nor seen it in a bookstore.

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