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The student version of this forum recently passed its 100th member/1000th post http://studenteducationforum.ipbhost.com/ and as we reach the end of the academic year (in the northern hemisphere at least), I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind everyone here of our existence and extend an invitation to any who would like to join us ready for September.

Unlike this forum, the Student Education Forum is an invitation only forum and is moderated by the students themselves. There are both institutional members (International School of Toulouse, Dartford Technology College and Dubai College) where teachers help with administration and private members who were recommended by members of this forum.

The three global student moderators are Lia (IST), Robbert (Sintermeertencollege

the Netherlands) and Stephen (Dover Bay School, Nanaimo, Canada).

As well as general discussion areas, there is also a formal debating section and we have begun to create a number of curriculum specific areas.

In the near future, I'd like to see perhaps half a dozen or so 'institutional' members with teachers using the forum in their daily teaching, but I would particularly welcome yet more well-motivated students who would enjoy the opportunity to meet like-minded students from around the world.

Please email me if you would like to get involved.

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