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Shot#1:---------------------184 feet (+/-)-------------------------61.33 yards

Shot# 2/aka Z313:--------267 feet (+/-)-------------------------89 yards--------Stationing 4+65.3



"a second shot followed immediately and hit the right rear high of the Boss's head"


Mr. HUDSON- I was trying to get a good look at President Kennedy. I happened to be looking right at him when that bullet hit him - the second shot.

Mr. LIEBELER - That was when the bullet hit him in the head; is that correct?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes; it looked like it ht him somewhere along about a little bit behind the ear and a little bit above the ear.

Mr. LIEBELER - On the right-hand side or the left-hand side?

Mr. HUDSON - Right hand.

Mr. LIEBELER - You say that it was the second shot that hit him in the head; is that right?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes; I do believe that - I know it was.

Mr. LIEBELER - You saw him hit in the head, there wasn't any question in your mind about that, was there?

Mr. HUDSON - No, sir.

Mr. LIEBELER - And after you saw him hit in the head, did you here another shot?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes, sir.

Mr. HUDSON - Yes; so right along about even with these steps, pretty close to even with this here, the last shot was fired - somewhere right along in there.


BREHM said when the President was hit by the second shot, he could notice the President's hair fly up, and then roll over to his side, as Mrs. KENNEDY was apparently pulling him in that direction.

BREHM said that a third shot followed and that all three shots were relatively close together.

Shot#3/aka in front of Altgens:------294 feet (+/-)-------------98 yards---------Stationing 4+96/4+95



Mr. ALTGENS - This would put me at approximately this area here, which would be about 15 feet from me at the time he was shot in the head--about 15 feet from the car on the west side of the car--on the side that Mrs. Kennedy was riding in the car.

There was flesh particles that flew out of the side of his head in my direction from where I was standing,

Mr. LIEBELER - So, it is clear from your testimony that the third shot--the last shot, rather--hit the President?

Mr. ALTGENS - Well, off and on we have been referring to the third shot and the fourth shot; but actually, it was the last shot, the shot did strike the President and there was no other sound like a shot that was made after that.

Note#1: All shots are platted/plotted to an impact point on Elm St. which was the determined location of JFK. Distance and actual angles did not take into consideration the 4+ feet elevation of the head of JFK above thej pavement.

Note#2: Exactly who all actually believed "THE SHOT THAT MISSED"?


Note#3: Would someone who at least has the reading comprehension which exceeds Jethro Bodine (sixth grade level), kindly explain the difference to Mr. Von Pein between survey stationing 4+65.3 and 4+95/4+96, as well as the difference between "Second Shot" and "Last Shot" when it is quite well determined that there were three shots fired in the assassination shooting sequence.

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Thomas H. Purvis says:

“And, of course, none of the autopsy pictures or X-rays show this SECOND entry hole either. But, since The Purv-man says it’s there — it MUST be there. Go figure.”

You can rest assured that it is there!

But not unlike the impact location on Elm St. of the third/last/final shot, which is so obvious and easy to find that it literally “jumps” out at anyone who has actually studied the testimonies and evidence, finding the “Second” impact penetration through the skull of JFK requires not only reading comprehension, but a little experience in radiographic interpretation as well.

Both of which you appear to be severely lacking in.

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For Mr. Von Pein!

You chose this battleground, (the WC) now perhaps you are finding difficulty in defending it.

1. The great majority of witnesses (to include the majority of the US Secret Service as well as those in the Presidential Limo) stated that there were three shots fired.

2. The great majority of witnesses, including most of those above, stated that there was a longer delay between the timing of the first shot to the second shot, than that delay between the second shot and the third shot.*

3. First shot to second shot/aka Z313 = approximately 5.6 to 5.9 seconds.

4. Second shot (Z313) to last shot (in front of James Altgens), slightly in excess of 2 seconds.

* With this information, for the reading enjoyment of the general public, please explain exactly how three shots could have been fired within the less than 6-second reported firing time as established by the WC, and thereafter have a "longer" delay between the first and second shot as opposed to that delay between the second shot and last shot.

It would appear that your "correlative data" function has a virus!

5. Multiple witnesses clearly testified that the shot which hit JFK in the right rear of the head and created the head injury which is clearly observed in Z313 as being the SECOND SHOT fired in the assassination shooting sequence*

*For the enjoyment of the reading public, please explain exactly why it was that the WC decided that there was nothing past frame#334 of the Zapruder film that was worth seeing, and they therefore published only up to this frame of the film, despite the fact that multiple witnesses so informed them that the Z313 impact was the second shot.

5. Emmett Hudson was standing on the stairway/steps which lead down from the stockade fence to Elm St.

Mr. Hudson clearly informed the WC in his testimony that he was looking directly at JFK at that time when the SECOND SHOT/aka Z313 struck JFK in the head.

Mr. Hudson further informed the WC that the third/last/final shot was fired when the Presidential Limo was farther down Elm St, "down by the steps".*

*For the enjoyment of the reading public, please explain exactly how it was that the WC determined that the Z313 headshot was the last shot fired, and that there was no reason to look for the impact of any shot fired after this point, after Emmett Hudson clearly explained to them that Z313 was the SECOND SHOT fired and that the THIRD SHOT was fired when the Presidential Limo was "down by the steps".

6. During the period of December 2, 3, & 4th, 1963, the US Secret Service, armed with a first generation copy of the Z-film determined that JFK was hit by shot#1 just as he entered behind the road sign; that he was hit by shot#2 at that point in which the Presidential Limo had just passed the first yellow curb mark on Elm St. (Z313); and that he was struck by the third shot some 30-feet farther down Elm St, at a point in which the Presidential Limo is almost lateral to "those steps", and just prior to that point at which the Presidential Limo approached the second yellow mark on the curb of Elm St., and which location is approximately 15 feet in front of the position at which James Altgens was standing*

*For the enjoyment of the reading public, please explain exactly how it was that the US Secret Service, who was in possession of a first generation copy of the Z-film, as well as having access to the witness testimonies, could determine that the Z313 headshot was the SECOND SHOT fired in the shooting sequence, and that the THIRD SHOT was fired some 30-feet farther down Elm St.

Additionally, for the enjoyment of the reading public, please explain exactly how it was that the WC decided that the Z313 headshot was probably the last shot fired, when in fact, Mr. Robert West, on December 5, 1963, completed a Survey Plat for the US. Secret Service which clearly demonstrated that the impact point for the SECOND SHOT fired was at the Z313 position on Elm St, and that the position for the impact of the THIRD SHOT was some 30-feet farther down Elm St. at a point which was close to the location of "those steps", and a point which was almost directly in front of where James Algens was standing.

7. For those who are unaware, the WC did not take the testimony of James Altgens as well as Emmett Hudson until their actual "Investigation" was completed, and in fact, their "DRAFT" report was turned in.

James Altgens was questioned only after a newspaper article which criticized the WC's investigation, and which article referenced James Altgens and his being a critical witness who had also taken important photographs.

Furthermore, James Altgens clearly testified (when finally called) that JFK was hit in the head by the LAST shot fired, at a position which was approximately 15 feet directly in front of where he was standing on Elm St.

Now, for those who are not old enough to recall, a frame of the Z-film which clearly showed James Altgens standing alongside the Elm St. Curb, with his camera raised to his eyes, just as the Presidential Limo approached his position, was shown in newspapers throughout the US, only a couple of days after the assassination.*

For the enjoyment of the reading public, please explain exactly how it was that the WC determined that Z313 was the last shot fired, when in fact, James Altgens clearly testified that the LAST shot was fired when the Presidential Limo approached his position and the President was approximately 15 feet from his (Altgen's) position.

For the enjoyment of the reading public, please explain exactly whey the WC chose to delete publishing frames of the Z-film at frame# 334, which happens to be just prior to James Altgens coming into view of the film, when his testimony clearly demonstrated that a shot/the LAST shot was fired when the President was approximately 15 feet from his position.

8. During questioning by the WC, Mr. Altgens "marked" that wonderful aerial map utilized by the WC, as to his position/location on Elm St.


Mr. ALTGENS - Yes, sir; and if I had a picture I could probably show you exactly where I was standing. I did show it to Agent Switzer, if that would be of any help to you.

Mr. LIEBELER - Yes; I would like to locate that spot. I show you Exhibit No. 354, which is an aerial view of the area that we have been discussing.

Mr. LIEBELER - You have indicated a spot along the side of Elm Street which I have marked with a No. 3; is that correct?

Mr. ALTGENS - Yes, sir.

Mr. LIEBELER - Is that approximately where you were standing?

Mr. ALTGENS - Yes, sir.


Now! If one will take a good look at the location of "No.3" as marked on CE 354, they will find that the WC has Mr. Altgens located at a position which places him at a point along Elm St. which falls between the position of Mary Moorman & Jean Hill, and the TSDB.*

In Reality, James Altgens was almost 45 feet farther down Elm St. than that position at which Mary Moorman & Jean Hill stood (directly by the first yellow mark on the curb of Elm St). Whereas James Altgens was just a few feet from the second yellow mark on the curb of Elm St, which was located across the streets from those "steps" as identified by Emmett Hudson, and on which steps/stairway Mr. Hudson was standing.

Please explain the complete incompetence of the WC and/or it's investigative abililty that they could not accurately determine the location of James Altgens, when in fact:

Mr. ALTGENS - Let me tell you this off the record, because it doesn't matter, but you notice Mr. Switzer, the FBI agent that came out---he and his partner---and talked with me, he brought up this Bonafede to me the name and then he asked me if I knew somebody else, a woman columnist in a Chicago newspaper.


Mr. ALTGENS - And then showed me a clipping where she too had referred to me in the taking of a picture

Mr. ALTGENS - Yes, sir; and if I had a picture I could probably show you exactly where I was standing. I did show it to Agent Switzer, if that would be of any help to you.

9. Mr. James Altgens, from his position on Elm St. took an extremely critical photograph of the Presidential Limo, shortly after the first shot had been fired.

This photo is often referred to as the "Altgens 6" photo and has independently been verified as having been taken at what is reportedly frame# 255 of the Zapruder Film.

During the WC Investigation, a "cropped" portion of this photograph was introduced into evidence as CE 203.


Furthermore, the WC, during their assassination re-enactment, decided to produce an "re-enactment" replica of the Altgens-6 photo.


Now! Since the WC conducted their re-enactment in May 1964, at which time CE900 was also made.


Mr. GAUTHIER. The survey was made on May 24, 1964, by Robert H. West, county surveyor, a licensed State land surveyor, located at 160 County Courthouse, Dallas, Tex.

And, James Altgens was not even questioned until July 22, 1964.


The testimony of James W. Altgens was taken at 12:45 p.m., on July 22, 1964,

*Please explain, for the enjoyment of the reading public, exactly why the WC was of the opinion that they should publish the Altgens-6 photo into evidence and utilize it for questioning witnesses, as well as create a "re-enactment" photo, when in fact they had not even taken the time to speak with James Altgens as to his location on Elm St.

*Additionally, in regards to the WC re-enactment photo, please explain, for the enjoyment of the reading public, the following:

Exactly why was the WC/FBI group so incompetent in creation of the Altgens-6 photograph that it was taken from a completely different location and angle as opposed to the actual Altgens-6 photo, and which is clearly demonstrated by:

A. Those letters on the "School Book Depository" Building as shown between the forks of the live oak tree located in the photo background and which tree is located directly in front of the TSDB.

(Specifically, the "S" & the "T" showing in the true Altgens photo, whereas the re-enactment photo shows only the "S" and a small portion of the "I")

B. The vertical alignment from the leading edge of the street stripe at the vehicle tire runs up along the far right side of the live oak tree, directly in alignment with the "R" of "Depository" in the background in the actual Altgens photo, yet in the re-enactment photo, this vertical alignment runs along the left/center portion of the tree and would in fact be in alignment with the "T" of "Depository" were it able to be seen.

C. The same type vertical alignment of persons in the re-enactment vehicle, as well as the actual vehicle, in relationship to the corner edges of the concrete column in the background are by no means even close when the "Re-enactment" photo is compared with the true Altgens Photo.

*Now, for the enjoyment of the reading public, would you care to explain exactly why some "novice" such as myself can easily determine that the WC re-enactment photo has little bearing on the true position of James Altgens, when compared with his actual photo, yet, the WC, with all of their technical expertise, could not determine that they were not in the correct position at which James Altgens was standing.

Inquiring minds would like to know Mr. Von Pein!

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Thomas H. Purvis says:

For Mr. Von Pein:

From Nellie Connally’s book and her handwritten notes which were written 10 days after the assassination.

“I reached there and pulled him to me & tried to get us both down in the car. Then came a third shot. With John in my arms & still trying to stay down I did not see the third shot hit. But I felt something falling all over me.”

Does it look as if John B. Connally is over in the arms of Nellie Connally with his head down in her lap at this point in time?

Looks to me as if he is still sitting relatively erect!



Mrs. CONNALLY. No, he turned away from me. I was pretending that I was him. I never again looked in the back seat of the car after my husband was shot. My concern was for him, and I remember that he turned to the right and then just slumped down into the seat, so that I reached over to pull him toward me. X was trying to get him down and me down. The jump seats were not very roomy, so that there were reports that he slid into the seat of the car, which he did not; that he fell over into my lap, which he did not.

I just pulled him over into my arms because it would have been impossible to get us really both down with me sitting and me holding him. So that I looked out, I mean as he was in my arms, I put my head down over his head so that his head and my head were right together, and all I could see, too, were the people flashing by. I didn’t look back any more. The third shot that I heard I felt, it felt like spent buckshot falling all over us, and then, of course, I too could see that it was the matter, brain tissue, or whatever, just human matter, all over the car and both of us.


Malcolm Summers

Well, then the car kept coming, and then the second shot rang out. And then the third was just about where I was at, rang out



That is Malcom Summers diving to the ground to the right of James Altgens.

Since you appear to have difficulty in correlation of the photographic evidence with that of the eye witness, and can not seem to find those other statements which have always indicated the proximity of the third/last/final shot.

I do hope that you and Mr. VB decide to go to “Trial” with the WC’s make believe “THE SHOT THAT MISSED” scenario.


Mr. CONNALLY: I was in her lap facing forward when another shot was fired. I only heard two shots. I did not hear the shot that hit me. I wasn’t conscious of it. I am sure I heard it, but I was not conscious of it at all. I heard another shot. I heard it hit. It hit with a very pronounced impact, just [slap of hands] almost like that. Almost that loud a sound; it made a very, very strong sound.

Immediately, I could see blood and brain tissue all over the interior of the car and all over our clothes. We were both covered with brain tissue, and there were pieces of brain tissue as big as your little finger.

Mrs. CONNALLY. No; I heard three shots, I had three reactions, three separate reactions. The first shot, then I looked and saw the President, the second shot, John, and third, all this matter all over us

Mr. DEVINE. And then after you knew that he was hit, and you

pulled him over in your lap, you then heard the third shot?



Mr. ALTGENS - Well, it sounded like it was coming up from behind the car from my position–I mean the first shot, and being fireworks–who counts fireworks explosions? I wasn’t keeping track of the number of pops that took place, but I could vouch for No. 1, and I can vouch for the last shot, but I cannot tell you how many shots were in between. There was not another shot fired after the President was struck in the head. That was the last shot–that much I will say with a great degree of certainty.


1. Multiple witnesses testified that three shots were fired during the course of the assassination.

2. SS Agent Glenn Bennett, in his handwritten notes, stated that he observed the First shot fired strike JFK in the back approximately 4-inches down from the right shoulder.

3. SS Agent Glenn Bennett as well as multiple other witnesses testified that the shot which struck JFK in the head and blew off a portion of his skull was the second shot fired.

4. Multiple witnesses have testified that the proximity location of the Presidential Limo at the time of the last shot, was down Elm St., considerably farther down the street from the impact location of the second/aka Z313 headshot.

5. Associated Press Photographer James Altgens testified that the last shot fired (which would have been shot# 3) struck JFK in the head, and blew cerebral tissue etc; out of the head of JFK in his direction, and that JFK was approximately 15 feet in front of his (Altgen’s) position when this, the last shot fired, struck JFK.

6. Nellie Connally (as well as JBC) have fully stated and have testified that the third shot was fired AFTER JBC was down in the seat with his head in Nellie’s lap, and with Nellie bent over JBC.

7. Nellie Connally in her handwritten notes, written only several days after the assassination, clearly states that at the time of the third shot, JBC was down in her lap and that she was bent over, protecting/covering him, when the THIRD/LAST/FINAL shot blew cerebral tissue, etc; from the head of JFK, and that this tissue was blown forward all over them (Nellie & JBC)

Now! For the $24.00 question?

If JFK was struck in the head at frame Z313 of the Zapruder film, at a point which has clearly been identified by multiple witnesses as Shot#2, and, the THIRD/LAST/FINAL shot was fired some 30-feet farther down Elm St. directly in front of James Altgens, and close to Malcolm Summers, and, James Altgens personally observed the impact of this shot to the head of JFK, and Nellie Connally personally felt the cerebral tissue of someone in the back seat being blown all over them, and, assuming that Jackie had no brain damage caused by impact of a bullet.

Exactly who’s head did that third shot also strike, in that it too blew cerebral tissue out towards James Altgens as well as blowing it all over Nellie Connally and JBC?

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