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Biography: John Smith

John Smith

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Age: 41 (currently)

Occupation: Architect. Been in my own practice for half a decade and boy it's tough. Hope the bubble comes back.

Height: Average

Likes: Just about anything. I've like controversy to a point but I can see the comfort in prepackaged answers as well. Oh, and holding hands while strolling along the shore, yeah, that too.

Dislikes: Debunkers of any stripe, and any effort to dissuade others of applying critical thought to a situation: they have all the answers because they make themselves sound authoritative. Apollohoax and BAUT come to mind.

So that's me. :ice

PS I can't seem to get anything to work, like adding info to my profile or even viewing attachments so I don't know if this is b/c my account needs to be approved (which is completely fine, I understand the s/n ratio on the interweb is crashingly low as if by default or something...) or if this is pebcak but thought I'd mention it. Thanks for reading.

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