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Probably NOT a UFO!

Jack White

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This morning I awoke about 4:45 and couldn't go back to sleep, so

about 5 a.m. I decided to go outside and see if the morning newspaper

had come. When I opened the front door, I was immediately surprised

to see a very bright light to the east-northeast, in the exact position over

DFW Airport (about 15 miles away) where I often see the lights of

westbound airliners taking off...BUT IT WAS FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE

MORNING, for goodness sake! I don't know of any flights leaving at that

early hour going west.

My first impression was that the light was MOTIONLESS, not traveling

right to left as usual. I lined it up with a treetop across the street,

and watched it for about two minutes; it did not move. I have never seen

a planet in that location, but it was about the brightness of Jupiter, Saturn

or Venus. I kept watching it as I went into the driveway to pick up

the newspaper. I bent over and picked up the newspaper. When I

became erect again, I looked over the treetop again...BUT THE LIGHT

WAS GONE. I stood there for about five minutes. It never reappeared.

It was unidentified. It was a flying or hovering object. It vanished.

It was over one one of the world's largest airports. I don't know what

it was. Perhaps a helicopter?


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Ring the Air Traffic Control at the airport and ask them; they are the ones who have the records.

When I lived in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, I lived in the northern beaches at a place called Yorkeys Knob. My house was directly on the centreline for the runway at about 3.5nm to touchdown.

We used to have a Qantas 747 go overhead at 0430 every morning. It woke me up for a few minutes during the first week, then I ignored it.

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