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I protest that I have been blocked from posting...

Jack White

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I have NOT blocked, disable or otherwise done anything to your posting rights.

I do not have that ability.

However, with your continued harassment of me and false accusations, I am going to request that John or Andy put you on moderation.

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Burton calls me a xxxx and then blocks me from responding

to his silly de-BUNKing photos. He continues to ignore my

request that any such photos show the FEET of the photographer.

I tried four times to respond, but was blocked each time.


Well gee White, I see that Evan has posted some feet photos. That now makes THREE TIMES your request has been met. Sadly, the intelligent members of this forum (and lurkers) understand that your request is a red herring and that it has nothing to do with the offset shadow issue...an issue I might add that has been completely explained with unimpeachable empirical evidence:


Evidence you have been unable to refute.

That leaves us with only two possibilites to explain your continued reluctance to admit your error.

1. The subject matter is simply beyond your ability to understand and you have a limited capacity for learning.

2. You are being intellectually dishonest to cover up for your failure in a vain attempt to save face.

So which one is it?

Edited by Craig Lamson
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