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What computers really do in the dark

Guest David Guyatt

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Guest David Guyatt

Do you have a hard drive, or are you still stuck with an old floppy? Do you need more Ram, or gag for an upload to your expansion slot? Is your output device in good shape or your default gateway in need of attention? What about your dongle? Does it crave a proxy or a dual head card? Do you relax with a flatbed or prefer to handle firmware? Does your hot aisle desire a master or a slave? Or a 4-way server? Or an eight-way server? Do you have a latency setting or a loopback plug? If you’re in a clinch, do you crave a multiplier lock, or an intrusion prevention system? And what about slimline models? Do you want them with a shock rating or a surge protector? Are you standalone and upward compatible or device dependent? Would you benefit from a routing switch, or a rectifier, or a fast rackmount?

Computers -- dirty old machines if you ask me…

Oh, and the letters "JFK" just to remain on topic.


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