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Well, I'll be damned.

CIA Document 104-10518-10305 is a 1967 cable. The cover sheet has no "from" and no "to" information, but judging from the body of the cable it appears that it is from the JMWAVE Station, probably to headquarters. The subject line of the cable has Loran Hall's name as the subject of the 9 page cable.

The cable has to do with whether the CIA sponsored the MDC Training camp in New Orleans in 1963 and is a rundown of what was known about various individuals connected with the camp. As you would expect, people like Richard Rudolph Davis, Leovino Interian, and Victor Paneque are discussed.

Guess whose name appears right in the middle of page 7?

Mrs. Sylvia Odio.

Pages 7 and 8 are duplicates.

This document is in the CIA HSCA CIA Segregated Files, Microfilm, Reel 52.


Steve Thomas

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Steve, that's a fascinating document and I had never seen it before. It does complement other internal

CIA memos I have seen which list names that were coming up in the Garrison investigation.

One possible reason for Sylvia Odio's name being mentioned is that Howard Davis himself brought it

up in an interview in which he was being interviewed by Weisberg. David has helped set up an

interview (in Houston I think but maybe Dallas) with Sergio Arcacha Smith. Weisberg was doing

an in depth investigation of rumored camps around New Orleans.

Anyway, during the interview, which was conducted years after the Odio incident was brought up to

the WC, David begins talking about having known Odio as a girl in Cuba, even playing with

her as I recall although this is simply from memory. A very wierd thing and seemingly not

credible at all.

But since most of Garrison's investigation reports including Weisberg's were being stolen and

passed on to the CIA, that may be why Sylvia shows up in the middle of a list of others names

that were coming up in the Garrison investigation.

-- just a thought, Larry

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ooops, sorry, in my other post I say "David" a couple of times when it should be "Davis".

Also, I'm pretty sure the document for this specific interview is referenced in SWHT where I go over

the issue of the "various" camps; it may even be on the book WEB site for that chapter, think so, just

not totally certain.

-- Larry

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