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Hi, Joe

My ongoing concern with the Mormon subject is that in the 1960s I

liked and agreed with their ideals re; the necessity in contolling the

reigns of political power of the US. Government, as is the case at State,

County and Local levels throughout the US. At that time I was

very much a "conservative" Republican. Soon on, to become a moderate

Republican after awakening to the subversive methods and actions by

an invention and political extention of the Church called the John Birch

Society, some of whose followers plotted and hastened the death of

"our mutual politically opposed president" Kennedy.

These are the kind that have since ridden roughshod over every

aspect of US. Society and Governments, mostly under the title of

Republican. It is they who have set the iron hard policies that will

continue even when or if Democrats are elected to leadership. Such is

the powerful subversive influence and action of Mormon Church

Hierarchy over all facets of existence in the US. and thereby the world, in

their relentless march to bring about a global religious kingdom, at any



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