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Did the FBI Change Witness Statements

Tim Gratz

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Robert Edwards testified before Warren Commission counsel David Belin that the Dallas Police affidavit he made out on November 22, 1963 contained a statement he did not make.

Mr. Belin. Where do you think the shots came from?

Mr. Edwards. I have no idea.

Mr. Belin. In the affidavit you stated that the shots seemed to come from the building there. Did you really say that or not?

Mr. Edwards. No; I didn’t say that. (6H205)

Are there other examples of this?

Why Was This Not Imvestigated by WC?

Does Anyone have a copy of the Edwards statement to the FBI?

Now it is POSSIBLE this was an innocent error.

I was interviewed by the FBI in connection with the Segretti matter, a rather important issue at the time. I was never given a copy of the FBI recordation of the interview so I could correct any errors. One would think that in most cases FBI interviewees should be given an opportunity to review their statements for accuracy.

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