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I will be publishing a weekly non-fiction book review.


As well as the books appearing in the journal they are also added to the subject archive.


A link to this page is added to that subject’s index page. In this way visitors can find details of the latest books published on the subject that interests them.


More importantly, the books are added to the relevant page of our encyclopedia. Virtually every page we create gets to the top five in search-engine rankings. To test this carry out searches on major figures such as Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Queen Victoria, John F. Kennedy, etc. or major subjects such as the American West, First World War, Cold War, Second World War, Civil Rights Movement, etc. on search-engines such as Google. As a result, anybody searching for these people or topics will arrive on our pages and so it is a great place to promote your books. For example, here are the currently monthly page impressions for popular pages on our website: First World War Index (58,000), Adolf Hitler (57,000), Second World War Index (55,000), Slavery Index (50,000), KU Klux Klan (44,000), Queen Victoria (22,000), Winston Churchill (17,000), Civil Rights Movement (15,800), John F. Kennedy (15,000), Textile Industry (10,000), American Civil War Index (9,800), Vietnam War Index (8,000), Nazi Germany Index (8,400), First World War Battles (6,800), Cold War Index (6,000), Charles Dickens (5,500), The Tudors Index (5,400), Russian Revolution (5,100), Railways Index (4,800), etc.

Please contact me if you are a publisher who wants your books to appear on my website.

The first edition of the Spartacus Review appears here:


This edition includes books in the following categories:




Crime and Punishment

The Victorians

Military History

First World War

Second World War

Nazi Germany

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