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I Don't Get HBO

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Forgive me if this show aired already or it's common knowledge it's being made. But according to tabloidbaby.blogspot.com, Tom Hanks and HBO are trying to work out a deal in which Vincent Bugliosi's book on the Kennedy Assassination will be turned into a multi-part miniseries. They're going to produce this awful lie and people will be lead to believe it. I guess it's good I don't get HBO. No matter how hard Kennedy researchers try to explain and prove things that are substantially different from the Warren Commission's obfuscation of the Crime of the Century, something in this govt is still trying to suppress the truth. What will people believe 50 years from now? That Oswald was a dork and he killed the President? If he was trying to get attention for himself for killing Kennedy, why would he not tell reporters in the police station that he was the killer? He

never "admitted" it to them. He asked for legal representation and said he was a Patsy.


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What MOST people believe fifty years from now will PROBABLY depend upon what is written in standard history textbooks and taught in high school history classes--and I think what a teacher says would probably trump a history book. But then again most history teachers will probably be influenced by those same text books.

What would change this is if there is a new investigation that, at a minimum, conclusively establishes that there was a conspiracy. That would show that whether intentionally or not our institutions failed to catch the killers while the opportunity existed.

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