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1. Former Captain, United States Army (still hold permanant rank of Captain)

2. Combat veteran of Vietnam

3. Service Tours include:

A. 82nd Airborne Division

B. 173rd Airborne Brigade

C. 3rd Special Forces Group

D. 5th Special Forces Group

E. 6th Special Forces Group

F. Commanding Officer, Advanced Airborne Committee, Special Forces Schools

(Set up first permanent Jumpmaster Committee as a Division of the Advanced Training Department

of Special Forces Schools.)

G. HALO (Military Free-Fall Parachuting) Instructor, Special Forces Schools

H. Commanding Officer, Special Forces Underwater Operations Committee, Special Forces Schools

4. Military Awards, qualifications, etc:

A. Special Forces Officer Course

B. Military Free-Fall Parachutist Course

C. Underwater Operations Course

D. Nuclear Weapons Employment Officer

E. Jungle Warfare Course (Panama)

F. Meritorious Service Medal

G. Bronze Star Medal (second award)

H. Armed Forces Expeditionary Force Medal

I. Master Parachutist Rating (Badge)

J. Military Diver Rating (SCUBA Badge)

K. Special Forces Instructor Rating

5. General:

A. Participant in promotional film with APOLLO XIII Commander James Lovell in film for President's Council for Physical Fitness & Army Recruiting Command.

B. Original initial selectee for member of Son Tay Prison Raid Team. (deleted due to orders to return to RVN for second tour of duty there)

C. Member of limited group which participated in HALO training jumps from altitudes which reached 29,700 feet in altitude.

D. Special Forces Narrator for joint Strike Command Demonstration BRASS STRIKE V, and BRASS STRIKE VI, the largest Strike Command Demonstration in the United States.

E. Multiple personal letters of commendation from the Commanding General, USA JFK Center for Special Warfare.

F. Former President, 2nd Infantry Division Sport Parachute Club (South Korea)

G. Former USPA Class "C" Sport Parachutist and "Jumpmaster" ratings.

H. Former PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Instructor Rating.

6. Most probably the only person on this forum to have personally spoken with:

A. Dr. Humes (who would not discuss the JFK autopsy)

B. Dr. Fincke (who would not discuss the JFK autopsy)

C. Dr. Boswell, who, on multiple occassions, as well as through correspondence, openly and freely discussed the aspects of the JFK autopsy.

D. Dr. Malcolm Perry of Parkland Hospital, in regards to the anterior neck wound of JFK.

E. FBI Agents; Frazier; Gallagher; Heilman; Heiberger; and several others, in regards to the ballistic information as well as the forensic examination of evidence in the JFK assassination.

F. Mr. Robert West, surveyor of Dallas, TX, who conducted all assassination re-enactment work related to the assassination of JFK.

G. In regards to the above:

(1). apparantly the only person to be in possession of ALL of the assassination survey plats.

(2). apparantly the only person to be in possession of ALL of the known survey notes.

(3). apparantly the only persons to ever take the time and effort to discuss these items and issues with Mr. Robert West.

7. Lastly, the first and only person to have provided ABSOLUTE PROOF of altered evidence in the WC Investigation into the death of JFK.*

*See altered survey data as presented in JFK Lancer article and now available on the Mary Ferrell website.

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