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What is trolling?

Len Colby

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As previously noted Peter tends to spam 9/11 threads with irrelevant posts when they start going bad for the "truther" POV. Perhaps he can explain the relevance of the opinions of CIA agent's re 9/11 in general has to do with Jack's photo that supposedly shows 6 WTC on fire and damaged with WTC 1 still standing behind it? He posts it not once but twice. His posts on this thread constitute trolling IMO as are his incessant insinuations that those who disagree with him have ulterior motives.

Len, please do not accuse someone of being a xxxxx. I know you said "IMO", but please keep the opinion to yourself. If you think it is becoming a problem, use the REPORT function and report the posts of concern. Thank you.

Perhaps it’s splitting hairs but I said many of Peter’s posts “constitute trolling” perhaps people can opine here as to what they think trolling is. Since John said “We will no longer tolerate trolls on this forum” it would be of interest to all if he and Andy as well as the moderators defined trolling/xxxxx as they see it.

To me

- intentionally posting long messages totally irrelevant to the thread,

- accusing others of having ulterior motives (i.e. being being disinformation agents) and

- making personal attacks like calling people borgs, Nazis, clowns etc

are trolling, does anyone beg to differ? If such stunts aren’t trolling what is? Note that all of the above violates forum rules.


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Guest Gary Loughran


Can I suggest a mod immediately close this thread. The contents and query should have been made privately to Evan in the first instance, and if advice/definitions on trolling were still required beyond Evan's meaning; a further private message to John/Andy would have sufficed.

I can see no benign reason to author this thread other than to create difficulties, for and with, one other specific forum member. It is an intention that I can find no merit in and I hope moderators look closely at the topic.

A sound enough definition of trolling (even if it is a wiki article :tomatoes ) has now been posted.

Rather than allow this thread to become a boxing ring, I ask for this to be closed.

Thank You

Edited by Gary Loughran
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Good point. A definition has been posted.

If you feel further clarification is required, suggest to John or Andy that something regarding a definition of trolls / trolling be posted.

Thread locked.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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