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11-27 Secret Service re-enactment film

Pat Speer

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According to CD87, the Secret Service's report on the assassination, there is a film of the 11-27 re-enactment performed by John Joe Howlett, in which he asserted that the distance of the head shot was 260 feet. On 12-5, the SS performed another re-enactment, and somehow came to the conclusion the head shot distance was now 294 feet. Photographs presumably of this second re-enactment are in CD88.

My question, which maybe Mr. Purvis can help me with: is the film of the first re-enactment available on any videos? I'm particularly interested in the part where J.C. Day lays the cones down to mark the wound locations.

The follow-up question is, of course, how did the Secret Service come to such contradictory conclusions while using the same surveyor and the same source to establish the shot locations--the Zapruder film?

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