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The below attachement is only to make a point to another of the "yahoo's" who have not taken the time to correlate what the WC has stated, with what they have drawn.

Some may have seen this, nevertheless, it is quite typical of all of the "cartoon character" drawings which the WC utilized.


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A "roadmap" which does not lead to rabbit holes, for anyone who dares to follow the trail.

As creatures of habit, many mistakes were made by those who played a significant role in obfuscation and obscurring of the factual evidence.

Of course, one not only has to do a lot of reading/studying to find these errors of habit, but they also have to know exactly what they are looking for.


It was item listing "A" in suppression of the autopsy X-rays which caused us to not be aware that there was damage to the vertebral column of JFK until such time as the Clark Panel reviewed this information.

So, I would suppose that it would be item "I" of the listing as being part of the "Search".

Since Specter & Company "pushed" the erroneous claim that CE399 went through the neck of JFK without striking any bone, and it did not become known until the Clark Panel that this WC claim was incorrect, then one just may question exactly why Specter & Company was that interested in finding out if anyone had either observed and/or discussed a hypothesis which did not become known as fact until several years later.

A fact which totally disputed what Specter & Company were selling!

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