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Debate is possible?

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I found not a good thing to paste and copy tons of words in threads and posts: in this way you loose easily the line of debate, and it is easier to go off topic and so on.

It is possible to copy and paste just links to pages outer form this site?

More, it is possible not to ''dig" post and threads that one don't like under these tons of words - often very un-useful? many of us know very well the works, books, authors, essay, of the past on the whole Jfk affair.

Also, if you quote these very long articles in the answer... sometimes it seems to read the Divina Commedia....

I find this forum interesting to exchange ideas and news: if it is a ring in wich one must compete to make win "his truth" it is not my place.


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Evan (and moderators more),

I am more "addicted" with php scripts like vbulletin or phpbb2, but also Invision board should have the option to reduce the quoted messages in the posts into an iframe.

So you read just xxx lines fixed by the administrators, then you have to scroll into to read all the post quoted.

In this way, one can also copy all the Alexandria Library into a post without stressing the poor readers.

It could be a good solution not to read Divina Commedia any time.

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