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Born in 1955, I am currently a Human Resources Consultant and Management Trainer.

I live in Paris, France. I am an avid reader, with a wide range of interests, modern History being one of them.

I have been interested in the JFK assassination since the first day, being too young at the time to really appreciate the magnitude of the event, but still impressed by the reactions and grieving of the grown ups around me.

I am mostly interested in the meaning of the assassination, more so than the intricate details of the shooting, once it has been established that the Official Theory just doesn't resist a fair and balanced analysis.

The persistent denial of the American Media on the subject is also something I find fascinating, with consequences that can still be felt in today's affairs.

My research is mainly documentary, but as a side project, I have taken up a computer-assisted analysis of the photographic record of the Assassination, using an original methodology.

The results are really astonishing, and I am willing to share them with anyone interested.

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