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Operation Freedom

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I am trying to trace the names of two researchers who claimed they found evidence of a CIA operation managed by Robert Kennedy called “Operation Freedom”. If my memory serves me right the researchers appeared in an episode of The Men Who Killed Kennedy, possibly, The Truth Shall Set You Free (1995).

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Don Roberdeau has informed that the two men were Thomas Hartman and Lamar Walton. After a search on the web I found that it did indeed appear in The Truth Shall Set You Free (1995).

More details can be found at:


Have Hartman and Walton published their research anywhere? Are they still working on this aspect of the assassination?

It seems to me that this could explain a very important part of the story. Especially the willingness of the Kennedy family to take part in the cover up.

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RFK was in charge of a group that was focused on Castro.

Doesn't it make sense that President Johnson's fear of a nuclear war is the reason why RFK went along with the cover up?

The CIA manufactured ample information that Cubans did it.

Was RFK supposed to go around saying that the Cubans had done it, seeing as how the Warren Commission was established to cover up information that Cubans were involved?

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