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as I have attempted to explain multiple times.

The SS re-enactment distance of 260 feet, represents the slant distance from the sixth floor window to the headshot at Z313, which the SS easily platted as the SECOND SHOT/aka First Shot to the head of JFK. (actually it was 267 feet from window to point of impact on the street).*

The "290" feet to which you refer as the FBI calculation, is in fact also the SS work, as both survey plats demonstrate the point of impact for the THIRD/LAST/FINAL shot, down in front of James Altgens position (at approximately 4+95/4+96), which has a slant distance from the window to impact with the street of 294 feet.* And, the FBI in that respect fully agreed with the US Secret Service Survey work and survey plat, as they both have the third/last/final shot impact point down in front of James Altgens Position.

*If one raises the impact point to the true height of JFK above the street, the slant/slope distance is decreased slightly .


If you will look! The WC distance was 265.3 feet for the Z313 impact slant/slope distance. "K-R" aka Kennedy to Rifle)

Of course, the WC did not utilize the concrete window edge as did the FBI & SS, and instead, had the rifle "jacked" up in the air considerably more than it would have been based on the height of the boxes at the window, as well as having the rifle moved farther over towards the left side (as looking out the window) window.

Might I recommend that you either find you a "trig" major; survey person; or invest in a calculator with the survey function, and then, with the known information, as well as the survey information which I long ago provided, then you can resolve these distances.

P.S. 290 minus 260 = 30 feet.

Stationing 4+95 (which is actually what was surveyed in) minus stationing 4+65.3 (aka Z313 headshot) = 29.7 feet.


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