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A Few Items Reviewed

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1. Neither Time/Life, the US Secret Service, nor the FBI utilized "Z-

frame" number references for the works which they did. And, Time/Life did

not even utilize survey "Stationing" numbers as this accurate survey work

was not established until the SS work of December 2, 3, & 4th of 1963.

2. If, through transposition, one takes the approximate position of the

first shot fired as platted for the Time/Life Survey works of 11/26/63,

and thereafter transposes this information over onto the larger/full-size

WC Survey plat, then this "first shot" point comes at what would be

approximately Z204 to Z206 on the full size WC Survey Plat.*

3. As most are aware, the WC platted only ONE impact point. That

being the Z313 position.

And, they thereafter gave us the great "circular reasoning" as regards



In that regards, let me merely state that when a politician and/or

political entity begins to speak out of both sides of the mouth at the

same time, one had best hold onto their wallet, etc;.

4. The US Secret Service, as well as the FBI, in totally separate

survey's and assassination re-enactments, determined that JFK was reacting

to a shot fired at a position which would place JFK at a position which

would correspond with approximately Z212/214.*

And, this position was the first shot fired.


*There is no firm explanation as to the WHY? of the Time/Life work, (who

had possession of the original Z-film) and the SS/FBI works having this

approximately 9-frame difference.

The Time/Life work correlates almost perfectly with the "Jiggle/Blur"

analysis, and unless someone from Time/Life can be located to explain

their rationale, then it will remain a bit of completely lost information.



Mr. FRAZIER - Because I do not know the reaction time which would

exist from the time a bullet struck until someone made a move. It may

be a half second, it may be a full second. It may be a tenth of a

second. It depends upon the intensity of the pain, and actually what


And therefore, in looking at the film you can't say a bullet struck

right here because he started to move his hands here. It may have been

a full second, a half second behind that spot


Mr. SHANEYFELT. Approximately--I would like to explain a little bit,

that at frames in the vicinity of 200 to 210 he is obviously still

waving, and there is no marked change.

In the area from approximately 200 to 205 he is still, his hand is

still in a waving position, he is still turned slightly toward the

crowd, and there has been no change in his position that would signify

anything occurring unusual. I see nothing in the frames to arouse my

suspicion about his movements, up through in the areas from 200 on and

as he disappears behind the signboard, there is no change.

Now, 205 is the last frame, 205 and 206 are the last frames where we

see any of his, where we see the cuff of his coat showing above the

signboard indicating his hand is still up generally in a wave.

>From there on the frames are too blurry as his head disappears you

can't really see any expression on his face. You can't see any change.

It is all consistent as he moves in behind the signboard.

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Yes; that is the first point from this, and although

we are able to see in the films that there is no apparent reaction

from the President from 205 to 210, and as he disappears from behind

the signboard, we cannot estimate the reaction time.

Mr. SPECTER. When you say reaction time you mean?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Of the President?

Mr. SPECTER. Reaction time from 205----

Representative FORD. To 210?



Based on that available information in which Time/Life, with the

original Z-film in hand, determined on 11/26/63, that JFK was hit in

the vicinity of what would be Z204/206, and the US Secret Service on

12/2, 3, & 4th,/1963, as well as the FBI on 02/07/64, both determined

that JFK could be observed reacting to the impact of the FIRST SHOT at

what would be approximately Z212/214, then one could relatively safely

state that the first shot was fired at some point within this 8-frame/

0.43 second time frame, and since the reaction time for JFK to

actually react to the shot would quite obviously have consumed a large

portion of this 8-frame period, then the Z205 (+/-) frame appears as

the most probable location for the actual shot having been fired.

(to be continued

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