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Please document your "original work" that referenced Warren Commission and/or ARRB testimony in which "subcutaneous" appears in relation to the chest tubes, and where "emphysema" appears at all.



Time's up, Purvis.


Whatever they're paying you, it's too much.




"Telephone communication with Dr. Perry on Nov. 23, 1963, developes the following information"

"Incisions were made in the upper anterior chest wall bilaterally to control possible sub-cutaneous emphysema".


It would appear that someone did not do their "reading assignment" prior to insertion of foot into mouth, and still did not do it even after having been informed of the subject matter.


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"You haven't the remotest idea of the level of research upon which the papers in question are based,"

Post #5

Difficulty Rating (on scale of 1 to 10):---------------------2


On another subject:


First," Hemming replied, "[unintelligible] Atsugi, the highest security area on a Marine Corps Naval installation is the ground control intercept radar. Strange people wander around there in khakis with no insignia on them; they're called tech reps ... they're CIA people and they're nuclear weapons specialists. Because it's a high security area, that's where the nukes were stored in Atsugi and


Did you believe that one too Charles?


Japan will not stray from its three long-standing principles of not possessing, developing or allowing nuclear weapons on Japanese soil.

Abe reiterated Monday that Japan will remain committed to the country's non-nuclear principles.

"We promise that we will comply with provisions of the Constitution, sincerely seek global peace, and adhere to the three non-nuclear principles," he said.


You had best get to reading Charles, as it would appear that you are even farther behind in factual research than even you are aware of.

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