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Dealey Plaza

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Avatar Promotions Creates Virtual Representation of Site of the President Kennedy Assassination in Second Life

Dallas, TX November 18, 2007 -- Avatar Promotions today announces the Second Life virtual creation of Dealey Plaza, the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. Jason Baird, lead consultant of Avatar Promotions, says he has no opinions on who killed President Kennedy, but he made it possible for users to log on to the internet and visit a virtual 3D version of that part of downtown Dallas.

Two to three million people visit Dealey Plaza every year. Now they no longer have to go to Dallas to "be there and see it." Those in Second Life can meet in virtual reality to entertain their own theories....

From Avatar Promotions:

We have built a replica of Dealey Plaza in Second Life as it was in August 2007.

The next phase will be to build out the rest of downtown Dallas and also do a version

of Dealey Plaza as it appeared in November of 1963.

Note: In order to see the project, you need to have Second Life software installed.

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