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"I Saw John Kennedy Today"

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Nashville, TN November 19, 2007 -- The latest Americana "hit" is a quirky song about the 35th president written by singer-songwriter Luke Powers. "I Saw John Kennedy Today" records a close encounter between the songwriter and a very much alive and freewheeling JFK, who has been traveling the country in a pickup truck ever since his supposed "demise."

A music video of the song has just been released in mark the anniversary of the assassination. It is available on YouTube and Radio-Submit.com.

The folk-country song begins: "I saw John Kennedy today, he ain't dead like they say; he's driving a pickup truck and he sure looks happy enough."

Powers allegedly encountered Kennedy as the two were stuck in traffic on Route 66 outside Kingman, Arizona. Kennedy, he said, "was wearing his vintage shades and sure didn't look his age."

As the two continued to speak, Kennedy admitted how he escaped assassination: "In Dallas it was my luck, I snuck out to buy this old truck. My double caught a bullet in the head, and I was free because I was dead." As traffic began to move, Kennedy smiled, waved and drove off into the sunset.

The rest, Powers says, is, or was, history.


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