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Dirty Tricks Ratchet Up as Caucus Gets Closer

Accusations Fly as Push Polls and Internet Gossip Get More Heated


Nov. 19, 2007

With only 45 days until the first votes are cast in the Iowa caucus, every candidate and campaign is looking for an edge, and clearly some folks are finding those edges in dirty tricks — nasty information, sometimes false, often spread anonymously.

It's a murky world and often tough to tell what's true, what's false and where any of it is coming from....

Full story:

Clinton and Obama split over 'slur'

Peter Walker and agencies

Monday November 19, 2007

Guardian Unlimited

Relations between the Democratic presidential nomination frontrunners Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have deteriorated markedly after Obama's team condemned as "slime politics" a reported personal slur from the Clinton camp.

The spat began at the weekend when a nationally syndicated newspaper column by the conservative commentator Robert Novak alleged that Clinton's aides possessed scandalous information about Obama's personal life, but had chosen not to reveal it.

The allegation - denied by Clinton - prompted a furious response from her rival, who condemned it as "Swift Boat politics", after the damage caused to the Democratic party candidate John Kerry's presidential campaign in 2004 after claims about his Vietnam war record....

Full story:

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If you've listened to the "analysis" of this issue by the star political pundits of American TV, you've once again witnessed an unsettling demonstration of their deep political naiveté.

The extent of their insight is discerned in the predictability and superficiality of the questions they pose:

  • Did Robert Novak, in whose column the story first saw light, make it all up?
  • Was he parroting, wittingly or not, disinformation of GOP operatives seeking to exacerbate hard feelings between Clinton and Obama?
  • Did Hillary's people really do what Novak claims they did?

Some questions that seem to have escaped the Worst and the Dullest:

  • Did Obama's operatives start the rumor in order to smear Hillary and/or deflect the inevitable release of embarassing info about their man?
  • If Clinton forces are to blame, is their primary mission to head off exposure of scandalous information about their own candidate?

Within the past two weeks stories have appeared on certain generally respected Internet sites in which suggestions are made that a major daily newspaper (allegedly the L.A. Times) is sitting on a story linking Hillary and her chief female advisor in a Lesbian relationship.

This aspect of the current story, of course, is not mentioned in today's "analysis" of Novak's column. But the timing here suggests that there may very well be a connection.

Also overlooked by the heirs of Edward R. is the possibility of this play supporting the grand strategy of voter alienation/suppression.

You want watch scum rise to the top?

Watch Chris Matthews.


Edited by Charles Drago
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