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Once Again---The 8mm Impossibility !

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I shall never understand how people as bright, some even genious level, that participate on this forum, seem as if their primary allegiance while on this earth is to die while still professing the impossibility of Zfilm alteration!

Persons who have seen accomplishments within the past half century alone, which in the year 1950 were very nearly incomprehensible to the average human mind, can profess that successful alteration of 8mm Koda. II film is a factual, physical impossibility. It cannot be "me" that is naive, when I have witnessed among thousands of scientific and mechanical accomplishments, the conquering of space, the probing of distant planets, technological weapons that can extinguish all life as we know it on this planet within a very few minutes, the cloning of animals and at least the cloning of human body parts......BUT .....no one on this planet is intelligent enough to successfully alter an 8mm film strip !

Brilliant people; probably many at genious level, have long conceded that most "evidence" in this case has no court admissable chain of custody or has been suspected of being manipulated and altered....in some instances, having been "obviously manipulated". YET !!! This single piece of 8mm film strip, which has no verifiable chain of custody, no proof of how many copies were made, and which has for 44 yeears been under the sole control of those most suspected of being conspirators has been defended as "unsoiled".

NAIVE ? Certainly not !

Since I have long believed this, and have been sickened by many moronic arguments, I truly believe that within the realm of those who are considered unwaiverable "conspiracy believers".....there exists in strength an "Enemy Within" !

Yes, I am saying exactly what you think that I am saying ! Investigation has been not only thwarted, but has been "blocked"....and very ingeniously so, by some of those whom we have held in a position of "High Trust".

Shocked ? Ridiculous ! How do intelligence agencies operate? Who are the most successfu intelligence assets ? You of course all know it is those that have the ability to remain least suspect !

How can any of you believe that arguably the most important evidence in this case, has not been given by the conspirators, the most serious attention ?

What is strange or unbelievable? It is common sense !

Are so many of you so self enamored that you feel that you are beyond hoax? And Hoaxed by such an ordinarily common means?

Those of you who have in the past answered me by stating that I "am obviously too unknowing" to begin to realize that what I propose is impossible.....Stop for a moment and look at your only arguments.....arguments which have no foundation !

I feel that there is no mechanical problem on this earth that when engaged by the "right minds", is in any way near physically and mechanically impossible.

I feel that neither I nor anyone making such a claim is in any way obligated to offer scientific proof of how something was done. I cannot ! I am neither a photographic expert, mechanical expert or a physicist. But because I personally cannot accomplish something, I certainly hope that I too am not living so far in the dark ages to believe that "No Human Can" !

I consider that train of thought to be within the darkest depths of ignorance !

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