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Henry Grunewald: Like Corcoran he Strayed from New Deal?

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This guy was apparently originally a FDR supporter. Later he was wiretapped by Hoover. What struck my curiosity was that he was both wiretapped by Hoover and he worked for the China Lobby.

This is what David McKean says about him:

Grunewald reurned to Washington and from time to time perofrmed work for Corcoran. In 1939 he

broke into the Swiss consulate in New York City and stole secret plans of the german high command.

Corcoran may have used Grunewald-- who was known as the 'mystery man of Washington"-- in the

same manner that (Henry) Marsh had once used him, to deliver cash from the china lobby and from

powerful corporations such as Pan American Airways to elected officials on Capitol Hill. Indeed, in

1952 Grunewald suffered an embarassment when it was revealsed that he had acted as a funnel for

an illegal contribution to Richard Nison's 1950 california Senate Campaign. (Ironically, the contirbution

was made at the request of Owen Brewster, who had tangled with Corcoran fifteen years earlier)

Previously, Grunewald had recieved through Tommy Corcoran "an appokntment as regional dicrector

for the Office of Alien Property Custodian, a largely inactive federal office, but one where Grunewald could,

according to Corcoran 'serve as Marsh's representatie with insurance intersts'

Does anyone know more about this guy?

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Grunewald known in some circles as 'The Dutchman' was actually born in South Africa. He served with the U.S. Navy and at one time was appointed as an investigator for the FBI. All this before he technically became a citizen of the United States which I believe happened in 1942.

Grunewald had been involved with bugging Howard Hughes and in 1955 was convicted of conspiracy in a tax-fix bribery case. He was given a jail sentence but I am not sure how much time he actually served.

If I remember correctly, during the early 1950's, Drew Pearson conducted an investigation on Grunwald and wrote a series of stories which held Bell Syndicate copyrights.

They would definitely be worth seeking out.


Henry Grunewald below.


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