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Anthony Frank

Unlike everyone else, I was deeply involved in trying to expose KGB infiltration of the CIA for seven years from 1977 to 1984.

I finally succeeded in exposing the infiltration in 1984 but it was never made public.

I found out that the KGB officers (intelligence officers of the former Soviet Union) were behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

The KGB officers were also planning on assassinating President Kennedy’s successor, President Lyndon Johnson, right before the election of 1964. Their intention in this two-pronged assassination plan was to have one of the CIA officers that they were handling, Barry Goldwater, a far-right conservative Senator, elected to the Oval Office in 1964.

Besides all the obvious reasons for wanting an intelligence officer under their control as President, the main reason for wanting Goldwater as President was that he was a segregationist, and he would be their foremost asset to exasperating a very tense racial situation.

The civil rights movement had grown through the 1950s and was reaching its height by 1963, but Goldwater, as a segregationist, opposed it and Goldwater’s support was mainly in the South, where civil rights and integration were vehemently opposed. Exploiting the racial tension was the KGB’s primary focus to incite the masses and cause turmoil in the United States. The fact that 100 years earlier the United States was embroiled in a civil war over the rights of African-Americans was undoubtedly not lost on the KGB.

Summers of violence followed the advent of growth in the civil rights movement in the early 1960s, due in large part to the fact that KGB officers who had infiltrated the CIA saw racial strife and polarization of society as a means of inciting the masses in the United States. They were responsible for much of the violence that targeted African-Americans, including a Ku Klux Klan church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, which killed four African-American schoolgirls in September 1963.

Civil rights and integration were a paramount issue during the 1960s. By promoting vehement opposition to it and by promoting violence against African-Americans, the KGB officers made it the “central domestic issue,” which is what Daniel Patrick Moynihan called it when, as an official in the Nixon Administration, he made his contribution to the effort, undoubtedly because it was the KGB officers’ “central domestic issue.”

The biggest asset in the effort to create racial strife and polarization would have been the election of segregationist Senator Barry Goldwater to the Office of President of the United States at the crucial juncture of 1964, which was not only the year that civil rights legislation was passed, it was prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 1964 was also the year that the 24th Amendment, which outlawed the poll tax that kept impoverished African-Americans from voting, became part of the Constitution.

A Goldwater litmus test for appointing Supreme Court Justices who supported segregation would have been horrific. Even without confirmation to the Supreme Court, such nominations would cause anger in the civil rights movement, anger that could be exploited, and anger that could mask the intentions of individuals bent on sabotaging the peaceful drive towards equality.

This is not a theory. It's a fact.

"Theorists" have often claimed it was actually our government that did it, that President Lyndon Johnson was actually a despicable murderer who killed Kennedy so that he, Johnson, could be President for 5 years. Or they claim it was the Military Industrial Complex, that a bunch of people with successful careers in the military/defense industry were actually despicable murderers.

The "theorists" also claim President John F. Kennedy and his brother, United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, the highest ranking law enforcement official in the country, used a Mafioso gangster to kill Marilyn Monroe.

It makes we want to ask; "What do we need with murderous KGB officers who have infiltrated the CIA when the entire hierarchy of the United States government is a bunch of despicable murderers.

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My name is Theresa C. Mauro. I've been a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for almost 30 years. Before that, I was studying medical technology, but became temporarily side-tracked by the Kennedy assassination, and the anti-war movement. I worked in show business as a Playboy Bunny for three years, followed by employment in the music publishing business, and eventually did back up vocals until 1973, when I decided to go back to school and finish my education. I started my internship in Nuclear Medicine Technology in 1976.

I have been a student of the JFK Assassination since 11-22-63, and have been an avid student of the ballistics aspect, after viewing and questioning the sketches of the bullet trajectory released by the Warren Commission in June of 1964. The authors I hold in high esteem are Prouty, Weisberg, Lifton, Russell, P.D. Scott, Fetzer, Meagher, Garrison, and Lane. I don't consider myself a researcher, but merely a student. I try to maintain an open mind to any new information that may be revealed. I'm also aware of certain factions of disinformation, and the effects it inevitably attempts to wreak upon any civilized discourse taking place with-in and with-out the research community.

My wish is that Mr. Simkins' forum will be strong enough to weather any adverse provocation and attack. This new venue holds great promise for those of us who seek the knowledge, the facts, or the closure, so necessary to the American psyche.

Thank you for your time and consideration in creating this section for the Education Forum.


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Hi, I'm Larry Hancock and I live in in Oklahoma in the United States.

I'm a graduate of the University of New Mexico, served in the United States Air Force and went on to work in a variety of communications oriented companies including Continental Telephone, Hayes Microcomputer and Zoom Technologies. I'm currently Marketing Manager for Zoom Technologies of Boston.

I've been involved in the study of cold war history and the Kennedy assassination for approximately 14 years and am co-author of November Patriots, a docufiction novel and author of "Someone Would Have Talked" a factual analysis of both the conspiracy and cover-up, published in November of 2003; details at:


In addition I've researched and published several document collections dealing with the 112th Military Intelligence Group, Richard Case Nagell and his intelligence connections and the CIA segregated files:


I've been a contributor to the JFK Lancer Chronicles and to the journal of the UK research group; DPUK, have won two Mary Ferrell research awards and most recently served as Conference Chair for the 2003 November in Dallas Conference:


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My name is Doug Horne, and I am an American citizen who was formerly a staff employee of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB). The ARRB, established by the JFK Records Act of 1992, existed for 4 years, from September 1994 through September 1998. The ARRB was tasked with defining, locating, and ensuring the declassification (to the maximum extent possible under the JFK Act) of all Federal Records considered "reasonably related" to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. (Agencies which had open records dumped their documents directly into the National Archives; Agencies which desired redactions in documents had to submit subject records to the ARRB for review and a "determination" as to their disposition.) The ARRB was not tasked by Congress to reinvestigate the assassination, or to reach conclusions, rather, only to ensure that Federal agencies conducted proper searches, and to facilitate placing records into the new JFK Collection at the National Archives.

I served as an analyst on the Military Records Team from early August 1995, through the end of September 1998, and served as the head of this small section---as "Chief Analyst for Military Records"---from April 1997 through shutdown of the ARRB in September of 1998.

The principal accomplishments of the Military Records Team was to secure the original USMC Service Record and Health Record of the accused assassin (LHO) for the JFK Collection, and to obtain significant quantities of records related to U.S. military and diplomatic policy on Vietnam and Cuba for the period 1961 through 1964.

Additionally, since President Kennedy's autopsy was a military autopsy, and those records are therefore military records, a great amount of staff energy was expended in trying to clarify the rather confusing and conflicted record of how the President died, and the nature of his wounds. Specifically, the ARRB staff conducted 10 depositions of persons who were either participants or witnesses at the autopsy, or who were involved in post mortem photography. (All of these depositon transcripts are now part of the JFK Collection.) In additon to the depositions, numerous unsworn staff interviews were conducted of other autopsy and medical photography witnesses.

I was the principal research assistant to the General Counsel in preparation for, and conduct of, the 10 autopsy-related depositions. I personally conducted about one half of the unsworn interviews of medical witnesses, and was present at the remainder. The records of these proceedings constitute "new evidence" in the JFK assassination and, subject to the usual caveats about eyewitness testimony, contain some rather startling information.

As an organization, the ARRB took no formal positions on the content of the medical depositions or medical unsworn interviews, and simply deposited them in the National Archives without comment. (The whole concept of the JFK Records Act was to create a central, unclassified archive for U.S. citizens to peruse at will so they could come to their own individual conclusions regarding the assassination.) However, as a staff member I wrote a handful of "memoranda for the record," or point papers, expressing my own personal opinions about what I considered important information gleaned during the depositions and the unsworn interviews.

I also served as the ARRB's liaison with the Kodak company in it's performance of "pro bono" work for the ARRB: digitization and preservation of the autopsy photographic images, and an authenticity study of the Zapruder film.

Questions can be forwarded to me via the administrators.

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I’m Ron Ecker in Florida. I received my BA in English at the University of Florida in 1964, and spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru. I earned a Masters in Library Science degree at Florida State University, and spent almost 20 years as a librarian with the state of Florida. During those years I also wrote books, and took early retirement in 2000 to become a full-time writer. My books include the Dictionary of Science and Creationism, And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible, The Evolutionary Tales: Rhyme and Reason on Creation/Evolution, and the vampire novel (writing as William Pridgen) Night of the Dragon’s Blood. My complete modern-English translation of The Canterbury Tales has been a widely adopted text in college and university literature courses. My website includes electronic editions of And Adam Knew Eve and The Evolutionary Tales, as well as Ecker’s JFK Webpage.

I began buying all the JFK conspiracy books I could find in the 1980s after reading David Lifton’s Best Evidence. Since my retirement from library work in 2000, I have had plenty of time to devote to JFK research, and have written a few articles on the assassination that can be found at http://www.hobrad.com/jfk.htm.

Edited by Ron Ecker
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My name is Paul Kerrigan and I used to be a teacher of history at the DuBois Area High School. My research into the JFK Assassination has taken up most of my time now. I have been thinking about writing a book about the case. My areas of interest in the case are the areas dealing with alteration aspects of the Zapruder Film and the Jim Garrison case.

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I am no "expert" on JFK. I've read a couple of books about the assassination, can remember where I was when he was shot (home sick from Junior High), etc. I frankly don't believe in conspiracies, think Oswald (only one) did it and that the Warren Commission got it right - but that's just my opinion. You could consider me an "expert" on the Vietnam War. I fought in it, and have been trying to understand it for the past 36 years. I've read most of the major sources on the war. I present lectures at the local schools on the war - and I've been a part of the "Spartacus" site for years. In that role, I've answered questions from students all over the world.

My favorite reading is history, though I'm a biology teacher by profession. I do teach in the western civilization course at my college.

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Hello folks.

My name is Ville Huoponen, born august 5th in 1979. I am studying at the Helsinki university of technology and residing currently in Espoo, Finland. Of course like many other contemporaries I too had my first more profound encounter with this subject matter when I saw the Oliver Stone movie JFK. However it took many more years until I really got interested in the assassination literature. I was really hooked after my father brought a book Murder in Dealey Plaza from Dallas, TX USA roughly four years ago.

The very first time I found about the murder was in circa 1987 when I was only eight years old and was reading the 1500+ pages long book Chronicle of Our Century. One page told us about the killing of JFK and the very next had the picture and information of Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald. It sure looked strange to me and just didn´t make much sense. I guess I was right even back then. Unfortunately at that time I was more interested in He-Man action figures and C-64 computer games. Those sure were the good days.

I´ve read more than dozen books about the assassination and have been especially interested in the medical evidence and the possible Zapruder-film alteration. Also I´m curious about the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I firmly believe that these deaths were not committed by lone nuts either and that the same people who killed JFK were also ultimately responsible for the deaths of RFK and MLK.

Hopefully in a year or two I will be able to write a high-quality screenplay about what happened to the great country of United States of America back in the sixties. Some people are saying that I´m a talented writer and have a good understanding of life. If that is true then I guess I´m going to do what I can and will give my best possible contribution. The John Kerry presidential primary campaign slogan says it well: We´re coming, you´re going and don´t let the door hit you on the way out. ;)

For all you researchers out there - you are the best.

Edited by ville huoponen
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Steve Thomas

B.A. in History from St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, IN.

Master's in Library Science from Clarion University in Clarion, PA.

Currently (2004) serving as the Director of the Ohio Township Public Library System in Newburgh, IN.

I've been researching the assassination of John F. Kennedy for several years and have written a paper on the accounts of Dallas Police and Dallas County Sheriff's Deputies encountering persons who they identified, or who were identified to them as being members of the U.S. Secret Service at a time and place when no members of the Secret Service were known to have been present.

As of 2004 this paper has not been published.

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I was a former special agent of the Justice Department. I am a longtime researcher of the Warren Commission and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I am the editor of JFK/Deep Politics and the author of several books on the subject including: The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald (1992), Treachery in Dallas (1995), Referenced Index Guide to the Warren Commission (1995), JFK Assassination Quizbook (1995) and the The Warren Omission (1996).

My most ambitious project was The Global Index to the JFK Assassination, a CD-ROM of 2400 pages, which indexed not just the WC, but also the HSCA, and 100+ of the best known JFK books. There are 17,185 names and over 4 million references, and it is cross-referenced by 175 categories; so if you cannot remember the name of a particular Secret Service agent (or 174 other possible categories), you look through the alphabetic listing of the hundreds of SS agents listed, find the name, and then go to that listing in the Index.

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I'm Shanet Clark

In 1979, I was the William Randolph Hearst / United States Senate Scholar ---

I was sent to Washington and quite literally recruited by the Federal departments and CIA: I have been inside the geodesic dome at Langley, and when I was there I asked hard questions about the missing plutonium the CIA lost in the Himalayas in the 1960's while trying to spy on China. The poor CIA Public Relations agent was stunned speechless, and a more senior officer took the microphone and said that I had "very good sources of information, the Indian government has taken full responsibility for that..." No job offer was forthcoming, and they never found the plutonium.

This was back in High School.

I studied political science at Marshall University, wrote for newspapers and had a series of radio and television on air jobs. I waited tables and tended bar in Lexington, Kentucky; Boston, San Francisco, and Madison, Wisconsin and I managed nice Italian restaurants like Camille's in Atlanta.

In 1999 I decided to go back to school and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgia State University in Atlanta with a BA in History in 2002.

When I took the Graduate Records Exam, a sort of SAT for college graduates,

I scored in the top one percent in the verbal area, the ninety-ninth percentile,

which was sweet vindication for a self-taught writer who had put up with a lot of crap from dimwits all his life! I dropped out the first time, because they taught me that education was indoctrination and behavioural socialization, but I returned when I felt I could use the system to my own advantage. In 1989 I helped Jack Herer write the book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Hemp for Paper, Fiber, Fuel and Food" and I was News Director of WMOQ FM in Athens, Georgia in 1996. I now have a full graduate fellowship to study history at Georgia State and I travel to present papers on political history to conferences around the country. I am active in the OAH,SHA,AHA and NCHE, history organizations. I am a fourteenth generation American, my direct ancestors came from England to Virginia in 1611 and I have WWII, Civil War and Revolutionary War ancestors. The Pilot, John Clark, was captured at Jamestown and held by the Spanish for four years, then was hired to pilot the Mayflower to Plymouth, Massachusetts. I know of no other person who had property granted to him at both Plymouth Mass. and Jamestown Virginia, and he is my great grandfather to the fourteenth generation. Seventh son of the seventh son, the long way. Also, I have hitch-hiked about 20,000 miles across America, walked from Santa Cruz to Monterey, I've been to 38 states and Jamaica and have experienced life to its fullest possible bittersweet extent.

I am a conventional Christian, an Episcopalian, married, no kids, and I was good friends with the Seventh Bishop of Atlanta, the late Judson Child. I subscribe to The New York Times, Playboy and New York magazine and I occasionally read the National Review and Soldier of Fortune, and am a fan of Robert Crumb and the Grateful Dead. I own over a thousand books, many from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. From various souces I now know certain things I am willing to share... but you too must be absolutely fearless to even begin to understand what it is that I will tell you about the death of John Kennedy.

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My name is John Geraghty,

I am studying for a B.A. in History , Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies in the National University of Ireland Maynooth (pending transfer).

I have been interested in the assassination for two years now and have not lost any of my willingness to investigate.

I have written an article on Charles Harrelson, who many believe to have been the tall tramp in Dealey Plaza on 22/11/63 and have corresponded with him in prison.

In June of 2005 I launched my website http://thepresidenthasbeenshot.4t.com which includes writing by myself and other researchers.

My main interests in the case are the three tramps, JFKs trip to Ireland, E.Howard Hunt, Media coverage, Saul Sague, Oswalds time in Russia and the links with the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations. I like to keep abreast of all other aspects of the assassinations.

I am not an expert on the subject, it is at the moment merely a time consuming hobby.

John Geraghty

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I'm Pierre NAU from France. Currently, I am residing in the UK.

I was 11 at the time of the JFK assassination.

I have been interested in this tragic event for many years. I started my research by reading "Rush to jugement" in 1967 and never stopped it. I was in Dallas on November 2003 for the 40th anniversary.

I am running a website on the case http://www.jfk-assassinat.com.

I have written a book JFK retour sur l'assassinat in French (November 2005).

Edited by pierre
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