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Tim Gratz

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4 hours ago, Larry Hancock said:

I know I'm raining on parades but for something much more accurate take a look at the Army Intel after action reports on Memphis, they are available and cover the deployments in great detail.  Or read Stu and my analysis of the military and police intelligence activities in The Awful Grace of God - which presents our alternative view as compared to Pepper...who literally changes witnesses, sources and suspects in every successive book - while calling each previous set dishonest.  . 

Well, that's good to know.  Pepper is perhaps the foremost (or "the most forward") at keeping the King conspiracy alive, and he's been called already on a couple of issues in his revised book, so it's well worth checking just what he's keeping alive.  I think the work from Rich Della Rossa's forum I mentioned is by a different scholar.  I'll try to find that and see if I can repost it on another page of this Forum, hopefully in the next month.

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I wonder what specific aspects of the TMWKK Liggett story Malcolm Liggett sued them over?

I believe he could only sue them for references to him specifically.

It seems many major parts of the John Liggett story are documented and testified to enough by multiple witness who appear honest...that it is hard ( for me anyway ) to dismiss the main content, especially starting with John Liggett being called to Parkland and then his worried demeanor, one day after 11,22,1963 rush trip all the way down to Corpus Christie ( 410 miles ) without any real reason given to his wife for doing so.

And then as soon as Ruby whacks Oswald, Lois Liggett quotes her husband John as saying "everything's okay now" and off they go back to Dallas.???

It would be mind blowing to find out what John Liggett was actually doing in those first 24 hours away from his wife and family when he rushed off soon after the JFK hit and receiving a phone call ...saying he had to go to Parkland hospital.

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David, I certainly agree Pepper is the most forward, on the other hand Stu and I (mostly Stu) have continued our work at the Cold Case level, Stu and his class even got legislation introduced at a Federal level last month and we continue to do research - we will have a second edition of our King book out in spring 2018. One of the things that troubles us, and we point out in an appendix in our book, is that Pepper has repeatedly changed a great many things and abandoned witnesses and sources along the way.  Indeed he later trashes the witnesses he introduced in the civil case. We also pursued the military and intelligence issues in detail, interviewing the fellow who had started some of the original rumors by getting a black police officer taken off overwatch detail.  This isn't the place for going further but I guess with advancing age I'm feeling a bit more compelled to speak out on subjects that I or Stu and I have done a great deal of work on - and which doesn't seem to have received that much attention, possibly because we don't have media reach or focus on Youtube...grin.

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8 hours ago, Ty Carpenter said:


Do you have a link or further info in regards to the Prescott Dulles Dinner?

Those Bush's sure do have a thing with dinners at strange times with strange people.

You have the Prescott/Dulles dinner which I had never heard before. Then you have the scheduled Neil Bush Scott Hinkley dinner that was to happen the day after the Reagan attempt.  To top it off, you have Poppy Bush having breakfast with Bin Laden's brother and others the morning of 9/11.

Ty - I can't figure out how to post a link, and can't find the article I read a few days ago. But I can find the letter that Prescott Bush wrote to Mrs. Dulles after the dinner. Google 'letter of Prescott Bush to wife of Dulles' and you will find it. Prescott invited Dulles to dinner after he was removed as CIA director, and he showed up with his successor McCone. Of course there is a long relationship between Prescott and Dulles and plenty of stuff to read. The interesting thing to consider here is that Nixon owed his career to Prescott, and Nixon paid it back when he became president by bringing George Bush into his administration.

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Thank you all for the responses.

Paul, I will be looking into that site!


It has been stated that Mr. Liggett worked for Restland Funeral Home of Dallas on the day of the assassination. It was also brought up earlier that at the time, ambulances were owned and operated by funeral homes as opposed to the hospitals. Do we know if Restland owned and contracted ambulances, and if so, what were their actions on the 22nd?

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