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test of max image size (3 doctors and Mary)

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I am using a random image to test what is allowed here.

I will keep reducing it till it is accepted.

It shows Dr. Mantik sitting on the ground using a theodolite

to establish the lens line of sight.

It show Dr. Fetzer measuring the height of the lens at

gutter level.

It shows Dr. Costella standing two feet south of the curb,

telling me that the line of sight was at the second button

above his belt.

It shows Mary's lens positioned on the line of sight.

What more is needed to show where the lens was?

Jack White ;)

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Hi Mr.White: ;)

Looks good..very clear...they knew what they were doing. very clear analysis.Thanks.

Perhaps if you have not seen this, the new

introductory page on Dr.Costella's site.....

It has some animations that take a little

while to download if anyone has dialup,quicker but it's easier than trying to

download the clips. Look at


For students and all ......the Zapruder film, and Dr.C's analysis..Please have

a look and read all, and do your own critical thinking....in very clear

simple everyday language.....no struggle to understand whatsoever....

Hey ,I can even understand ... ;)

See the Zapruder Hoax thread, for Dr.Costella's, Dr.Mantik's, Dr.Fetzer's and other's qualifications, last post today, so far that is. :rolleyes: and read the book The Great Zapruder Film Hoax, before coming to any conclusions..take your time, and read Dr.Fetzer's other books, Assassination Science, Murder In Dealey Plaza, request them from your library...make up your own minds....

Thanks for all you do.... :D

Edited by Bernice Moore
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Hi Mr.White: :rolleyes:

Looks good..very clear...they knew what they were doing. very clear analysis.Thanks.

Bernice - I will agree that the placement of a tripod on the ground and taking pictures of Mantik looking through the eyepiece while Fetzer is holding a measuring stick looks nice and all, but don't you think the picture they took should also match Moorman's photograph, as well? After all, that's what they are claiming to have done. I mean that is like me doing the same thing they did and posting photos of my equipment under the premise that I am photographing an elephant on the knoll, but then I show you the actual photo I took from my transit view and instead of it showing an elephant - you see a gorilla! Mr. White is trying to make a case for Moorman being in the street when she took her number five Polaroid despite all the other evidence to the contrary. We are talking about Moorman being one step or so either in the grass or off the curb and in the street. Now when Mr. White's westmost shelter doorway is aligned with the same in Moorman's - the pedestal shifts so much that a half blind monkey with a bad case of Cataracts should be able to see it and know what that means. Now maybe I am missing something here, but continuing to praise a recreation that shows the gap between the corner of the pedestal and the pergola window to be as far off as it is seen in this overlay, while ignoring the other evidence on top of it all is not helping the photo and film alteration position. What it is doing is making people see how little you are understanding what needs to take place to make these claims seem correct.

I will post their alleged accurate recreation photo as shown in TGZFH against Moorman's photograph, but show it at a slower transaction speed so you can better follow the shifting that is taking place. A freshman art student can tell you that White and his assistants had their camera too low and to the right to match Moorman's actual location when she took her photograph. If you still cannot see it happening, then you are refusing to see it in my opinion.

Edited by Larry Peters
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