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Apollo Moon Photo Hoax...

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When Prof. Simkin invited me to participate in this education forum, I asked whether I would be allowed to present my many hundreds of photo analyses. He said he would create categories to allow such postings.

Attached is a test image of a typical analysis from Apollo 17, which shows the LEM, the LRV. and some "hills", all from a similar camera viewpoint, though not exact... but the same general direction.

Close inspection shows an extra hill was inserted. I have hundreds of these, and think they would prompt an interesting educational discussion.

I also have hundreds of photos of the events of 9/11, and have concluded that the OFFICIAL STORY IS FALSE. These would also be good for educational discussion.

I now want to know from John whether he still will provide different forums, or should I post them under the JFK discussion. Indeed, they are all related to the same Power Control Group.

Jack White ;)

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I'm curious about something. Are these just a photo cropping like what was done in the Bond/Skaggs thread because if anything was learned from that claim - cropped photos can be very misleading. For instance, has the rover been moved between photographs so that the angle to the hills has changed, thus the extra hill is now partially visible? After all, the LEM is closer to the Rover in one photo and also seen from a slightly different angle. Another quick observation tells me that the rover is loaded differently with equipment between these photographs, which would also imply that these are not pictures of the same rover taken on the same ride? I guess what I am getting at is this ... wouldn't it be more logical to try and recognize these photo variations and how they effect what is seen in each picture before jumping to the notion that distant hills have been moved around like giant stage props?

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